Jim Goodall

~ Person


member of: Earth Dies Burning
Medicine (Los-Angeles noise-rock band)
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/343239 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Lime Sicks
Time Baby II
Time Baby III
1982-12-20 60 Minutes (studio) drums Earth Dies Burning 0:19
1982-12-20 Another Six Year Old (studio) drums Earth Dies Burning 1:08
1982-12-20 Pork Yogurt (studio) drums Earth Dies Burning 0:41
5ive drums Medicine 3:33
A Short Happy Life drums Medicine 6:40
All You Need to Know drums and tape Medicine 3:35
Aruca drums Medicine 4:49
As Long as the Sun drums and tape Medicine 5:14
Burn It drums and tape Medicine 4:09
Butterfly’s Out Tonight drums and tape Medicine 4:26
Christmas Song drums Medicine 8:34
Daylight drums and tape Medicine 4:48
Defective drums Medicine 4:10
Find Me Always drums and tape Medicine 4:44
Holy Crimes drums and tape Medicine 3:17
It’s Not Enough drums and tape Medicine 3:07
Miss Drugstore drums Medicine 5:03
One More drums Medicine 9:08
Pull the Trigger drums and tape Medicine 3:46
Queen of Tension drums Medicine 4:14
Sweet Explosion drums Medicine 3:15
The Beak/The Claw percussion Jerry Donahue 3:38
The End of the Line drums and tape Medicine 4:14
Time Baby III drums Medicine 3:52
Home Everywhere drums Medicine
Home Everywhere trombone Medicine
Home Everywhere percussion Medicine
Home Everywhere flute Medicine
Home Everywhere tape Medicine
A Fractured Smile
Candy Candy
The Earth Is Soft and White