M‐1 (US rapper, of dead prez)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
'Til We Get There M‐1 feat. K'Naan & Stori James 4:25
3rd Class Living Ethical feat. M‐1 4:00
5 Elements M‐1 3:02
24 Hours in Gaza M‐1 3:33
24 Hours in Gaza M‐1 feat. Bonnot 3:33
99% M‐1 feat. Bonnot, Talib Kweli & Militant A 4:42
A.W.O.L. C‐Rayz Walz feat. M‐1 4:42
All We Got M1, Martin Luther 3:07
Bambadam Audiopharmacy feat. M‐1 7:04
Been Through M‐1 feat. Ghostface Killah & Raye 3:47
Been Through Ghostface Killah & M‐1 1:40
Between Me and the World M‐1 & Bonnot 3:54
Bl.a.ck The Last Emperor feat. M1 of dead prez 3:34
Blacks and Blues M‐1 feat. Bonnot, Al Be Back, Pol G & Tino Tracanna 4:19
Bring It On Whitney Peyton feat. M‐1, Adam Gaston & Holly G. 3:33
Changes (J.Period remix) J.Period & Nneka feat. M‐1 & General Steele 3:21
Comrades Call M‐1 feat. Styles P. & Bazaar Royale 4:39
Confidential M‐1 feat. Raye 4:11
Don't Put Down Your Flag M‐1 feat. Young Dre 4:44
Early M‐1 feat. stic.man 3:25
Existence is Resistance M‐1 feat. Bonnot 0:41
Fever Yerba Buena feat. M1 from dead prez 6:27
Fill in the Blanks M‐1 & Bonnot feat. Aktar 3:03
For You M‐1 feat. Scrap Daddy 4:39
Free Again Rebel Diaz feat. M‐1 4:08
Free Up M‐1 & Bonnot 3:02
Freedom Sizzla feat. M‐1 ?:??
Freedom Sizzla feat. M‐1 4:07
Freestyle Stick & M1 (Dead Prez) ?:??
Freestyle M1 (of Dead Prez) 1:24
Gangsta Shit Bun B & M1 2:44
Genocide Highway (part of “Vibrate Higher” DJ-mix) K-Salaam & Beatnick feat. Nas & M‐1 3:05
Gunslinger M‐1 2:08
Handling My Bizness Hi‐Tek feat. L.E.P., Big D & M‐1 3:57
Headhunters M1, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band 1:24
Higher Than High Daz Dillinger feat. Rah Lah & M‐1 4:40
Hood News M‐1 2:15
Internal Wars ¡Mayday! feat. M-1 of Dead Prez & Reks 3:33
It’s a Time Warp M1, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band 0:39
Killing It M‐1 & Bonnot feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore 4:04
Land, Bread, & Housing M‐1 feat. My Momma & Raye 3:17
Libation M‐1 feat. Bonnot 0:19
Liberation Psychology Bobby Seale, M1 2:13
Lost Souls 2Pac feat. M‐1 & Daz 4:39
Love You Can't Borrow M-1 (dead prez) feat. Q‐Tip 3:54
Love You Can’t Borrow M‐1 feat. Q‐Tip & Cassandra Wilson 3:53
LP&U M1 (Dead Prez) 2:28
Mama Pam Africa M‐1 feat. Bonnot 0:39
Mr. President KRS‐One, M‐1 & Cornel West 4:36
Number One with a Bullet M‐1 & Bonnot feat. Prodigy 4:18
Obama Nation, Part 2 Lowkey feat. M‐1 & Black the Ripper 3:40
Occupy Planet Earth Chuck D, M1 3:38
Offense Defense M‐1 feat. Bonnot & DJ Gruff 3:12
Offering M1, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band 1:31
One Side (The Anthem) M‐1 2:56
Open M‐1 & Bonnot 3:04
Paper Tiger M‐1 feat. Bonnot 3:56
Pray Sadat X feat. Umi, M‐1, Kurupt & Sir Jinx 5:45
Proud 2 Be N.O.R.E. feat. M‐1 & Amanda Diva 3:45
Real Og M‐1 & Bonnot 3:37
Real Revolutionaries M‐1 feat. Bonnot, General Levy & Paolo Fresu 3:34
Recurring Cycles M1 2:56
Relapse M‐1 & Bonnot feat. Grenique 4:18
Remember My Name M‐1 feat. Bonnot, G.O.D. & Nym RBG 4:09
Sacrifice M‐1 feat. Bonnot & Divine RBG 4:19
Sacrifice 2 M‐1 & Bonnot feat. Divine RBG 4:20
Save the Culture Hazardis Soundz feat. Capone‐N‐Noreaga & M‐1 3:20
Sound Weapon M‐1 feat. Bonnot 4:39
Speak Ur Mind Edo. G feat. M1 3:25
The Beat M‐1 feat. Bang Double 3:21
The Ghost of... M‐1 feat. Bonnot 4:37
The Government Talib Kweli feat. M1 & Donte 3:37
Tobacco Inc. M‐1 & Bonnot 3:11
Too Smart M‐1 6:55
U Aint the Only 1 M‐1 & Messy Marv 4:46
Unknown Varietables Ahead M1, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band 0:43
Winter in America Martin Luther, M1 4:02
You Can Get It Billy Ray featuring M1 4:20

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