Chela (Los Angeles / Melbourne based vocalist, Chelsea Wheatley)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Adalita Goldroom feat. Chela 3:25
Fifteen Goldroom feat. Chela 5:00
Fifteen Goldroom feat. Chela 5:00
Fifteen Goldroom feat. Chela 5:00
Fifteen (part of a “MoS: Chillout Sessions XV” DJ‐mix) Goldroom feat. Chela 4:27
Flurt Seth Bogart feat. Chela 2:49
Guts Chela 3:16
Guts Chela 3:16
Handful of Gold Chela 4:11
Handful of Gold (Catlips Remix) Chela 4:20
Handful of Gold (Chrome Sparks Dance Remix) Chela 3:56
Handful of Gold (Chrome Sparks Remix) Chela 3:42
Handful of Gold (T.U.S. Remix) Chela 4:48
Heartbreak Clubfeet feat. Chela 3:06
Jamelia Chela 3:56
Plastic Gun Chela 4:29
Romanticise Chela 3:33
Romanticise Chela 3:33
Romanticise (Boys Get Hurt remix) Chela 6:18
Romanticise (Cesare remix) Chela 4:35
Romanticise (Cesare remix) (part of “Hed Kandi: Dusk Till Disco” DJ-mix) Chela 4:02
Romanticise (Collarbones remix) Chela 3:36
Romanticise (Fascinator remix) Chela 4:30
Romanticise (Gold Fields remix) Chela 5:12
Romanticise (Le Bruce remix) Chela 4:11
Supermarket Supermodel Seth Bogart feat. Chela 4:12
The Pact Paces feat. Chela 5:04
The Pact (W1SP remix) Paces feat. Chela 4:01
Vegas Nights Chela 5:01
Zero Chela 3:51
Zero Chela 4:39
Zero (Clancy remix) Chela 7:06
Zero (Clancy remix) [radio mix edit] Chela 2:54
Zero (Keljet remix) Chela 5:14
Zero (Knuckle G remix) Chela 4:32
Zero (Nick Lynar remix) Chela 4:55
Zero (original) Chela 3:52
Zero (Sable remix) Chela 3:41

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