Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Feast for Dead Eyes 2:28
Acts of Grotesque Perversions (feat. Angel) 2:08
Back From the Grave 4:51
Blood Drenched Cum Bag 2:58
Brain Stain 1:04
Chunked 3:22
Dead Hog Bitch 1:27
Decomposing Maggot Burger (feat. James Robert) 3:41
Die Already 1:27
Enslavement of Empires (feat. Mike O’Hara) 3:58
Fetus in Fetu 4:41
Finger Lickin Good 1:49
Fucking Blood on My New Shoes 0:46
Greetings and Welcome to the Show 0:12
Hackum and Sackum 1:29
Happy Slaughter Sing Along 0:40
In the Heat of the Slaughter 1:53
Ingestion of Human Remains (feat. Zack Shaw) 3:44
Jars of Filleted Skin (feat. Ian Dunford) 2:08
Mangled in Entrails 4:41
Murder Happy Party People 1:39
My Yummy Valentine 2:17
Oh No Fred Is Dead 1:36
Pitter Patter People Splatter 2:36
Putrid Corpse Fuck 3:17
Rape Victim 3:01
Ripped Apart to Nothing 3:45
Saw Happy 1:13
Shred the Dead 2:04
Shredded With a Razor Edge Dime 1:18
Sick E Von Brutal 1:44
Sins of the Father 3:47
Skull Fuck Lobotomy (feat. Lord Gallows) 2:56
The Attack of Sick E Von Brutal 3:21
Warning May Cause Death 2:31

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