Name ISRCs Rating Length
Absolutely Away 2:45
Away, Away 3:30
Can't Shake This Thing 3:35
Darlin', It's Arranged 3:22
East Meets South 4:26
Everlovin' Laughter 3:07
Fifty Six Days 3:00
Good Things Come to Me Now 3:27
Good Things Come to Me Now 3:29
Good Things Come to Me Now 3:30
Good Things Come to Me Now (live, 1998-09-15: Studio 227, ABC Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia) 3:30
Happy Birthday Dear Customer 3:32
Her Mind Went into the Fire 3:24
Her Mind Went Into the Fire 3:35
How Long 3:33
I Took Your Name in Vain 3:07
I Was Raised, I Was Lowered 4:13
In My Time 2:39
Kiss Me 3:47
Lasoo 3:04
Last Stop Heavenly Heights 5:35
Long Distance Karma 3:03
Looking Down on Cleavage Town 3:37
Love Sublime (Subjunctive Mood) 3:02
Lucky 4:09
Melancholy Window 3:03
Mercy Sleep 3:34
Ms Serendipity 3:34
No Undo 3:33
No Veil, No Heart 3:38
Olana 3:14
On the Sacred Sand 2:53
On the Vine 3:33
On the Vine (Slight Reflux) 1:06
Please God and the Weather 3:32
Postcard 3:42
Secret Country 4:20
Secret Country 4:18
She Never Loved You 3:13
Soliloquy 3:54
Tabbimobile 5:01
That Man Was a Knife 5:10
The Lifesaver's Love Song 3:04
The Man That Midas Touched 3:16
The Men Who Ran Away From the Circus 3:31
The Sea Is a Siren 3:01
The Short and Long of it 3:47
The Water Moves 5:20
Things Are Not the Same on the Land 4:18
This Is Not the Real World 5:19
This Is Not the Real World 5:19
This Tin Stardom 4:23
This Tin Stardom 4:23
Told You So 3:19
Too Many Foxes 3:05
Watch Over Me 2:20
Where Could I Go but Home 2:48

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