Name ISRCs Rating Length
C’Mon Y’all 4:02
Definition of House 4:39
Definition of House 4:17
Definition of House 3:58
Definition of House 3:32
Definition of House (part of “Ministry of Sound: 21st Century Disco” DJ-mix) 3:18
Definition of House (part of “Ministry of Sound: Club Nation Miami 2002” DJ-mix) 3:50
Definition of House (Matthew Roberts re-edit) 3:53
Definition of House (Pool cut) ?:??
Definition of House (Rama & Davanilla Pool cut) (part of “MoS: We Love Switzerland” DJ-mix) 2:45
Definition of House (Rocky re-edit) (part of “Base Ibiza 2002” DJ-mix) 7:06
Definition of House (Rocky's edit) 5:48
Definition of House (Rocky’s edit) (part of “The Clubber’s Bible Winter 2003” DJ-mix) 3:18
Groovy Thang 4:26
Groovy Thang 2:52
Minimal Funk III Tribe Thang (Deep Fried mix) ?:??
Night Train to the Bronx (Funky Groovy) ?:??
Night Train to the Bronx (Urban) ?:??
That Groovy Thang (Jay Vegas mix) (part of a “Club Mix 2000” DJ‐mix) 2:31
The Groovy Thang 2:34
The Groovy Thang 3:16
The Groovy Thang 4:59
The Groovy Thang (DJ-mix) 4:23
The Groovy Thang (part of “De Illegale Hitmix 1998” DJ-mix) 2:13
The Groovy Thang (part of a “Mega Music Dance Experience: clubQuarium” DJ‐mix) 3:01
The Groovy Thang (Glaubitz & Roc mix) 6:23
The Groovy Thang (Jay Vegas mix) 6:45
The Groovy Thang (Jay Vegas mix) (Jim "Shaft" Ryan DJ-mix) 5:43
The Groovy Thang (original edit) 3:20
The Groovy Thang (original edit) 3:16
The Groovy Thang (original) 6:52
The Groovy Thang (Tha Beatmunga mix) 6:25
The Groovy Thang (Vinny Noriega & Roger Rama mix) 6:54
The Groovy Thing 2:03
Turn it to the house 3:54
Turn It to the House (DJ mix from "Terry's Café 2") 3:35
Turn It to the House (part of a “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza Summer Ninety Nine” DJ‐mix) 3:56
Turn It to the House (Future Shock mix) 6:03
Unless Sweet 3:39
Webcore 6:39

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