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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Antenna Popidiot 2:58
Big in Japan Popidiot 0:34
Black Leather Shoes Popidiot 4:36
Boys on Fire Popidiot 2:58
Cassetteboy Popidiot 2:56
Dancing Like an Idiot Popidiot 3:44
Dream Song Popidiot 4:46
Dreamsong (ULA remix) Popidiot 4:32
Friday's Revenge Popidiot 3:36
Friday's Revenge (A. Lukichev remix) Popidiot 4:40
Friday's Revenge (Critikal's dnb vision) Popidiot 6:03
Friday's Revenge (Talis boogie remix) Popidiot 6:14
Friday's Revenge (Tallinn Funk dub) Popidiot 4:08
Friday's Revenge (Telec edit) Popidiot 4:24
Friday's Revenge (ULA's The Haunted 90's mix) Popidiot 4:08
Girl Called Latte Popidiot 4:17
Hanging on Friday Popidiot 3:21
Hanging on Friday Popidiot 3:19
Hanging on Friday (video edit) Popidiot 2:53
Hey Girl Popidiot 2:04
Hey Girl! Popidiot 2:03
Johnny Dynamite Popidiot 4:18
King of the Street Popidiot 4:44
Kuskil alati on alla hea Popidiot & Ines 3:40
Logic Popidiot 3:47
Logic (Neuronphase remix) Popidiot 4:20
Logic (Neuronphase remix) Popidiot 3:12
Love Vulture Popidiot 5:42
Maggot Roll Popidiot 2:06
Mängin muusikat Popidiot feat. Jaan Elgula 3:24
Microsoft Popidiot 2:41
Owner of a Lonely Heart Popidiot 4:33
Popidiot Popidiot 3:09
Restroom Cowboys Popidiot 3:12
Rushing Heart Popidiot 3:37
Rushing Heart Popidiot 3:40
Talk to Me Popidiot 3:16
Talk to Me (instrumental) Popidiot 3:15
Tallinn Helsinki Popidiot 3:24
Wake Up! Popidiot 3:13

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