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1970The Sesame Street Book & RecordSesame Street1
1970The Year of Roosevelt Franklin: Gordon's Friend From Sesame StreetSesame Street2
1971The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record AlbumSesame Street1
1972Havin' Fun With Ernie & BertSesame Street1
1974Bert's BlockbustersSesame Street31
1975The Count CountsSesame Street2
1976The Muppet Alphabet AlbumSesame Street1
1977What Time Is It on Sesame StreetSesame Street1
1978Fair Is FairSesame Street1
1978Sesame Street FeverSesame Street2
1979Sesame DiscoSesame Street2
1980Christmas Eve on Sesame StreetSesame Street1
1981Big Bird Discovers the OrchestraSesame Street1
1981Sesame CountrySesame Street1
1982For the First TimeSesame Street1
1983Born to Add: Great Rock & RollSesame Street6
1983Surprise!Sesame Street1
1984Sesame Street Christmas Sing-AlongSesame Street1
1987The Best of Sesame StreetSesame Street1
1990Put Down the Duckie!Sesame Street1
1990Sleepytime on Sesame StreetSesame Street1
1992Sing Songs of Joe RaposoSesame Street1
1992Sesame CountrySesame Street1
1993Sesame Street: We are All EarthlingsSesame Street's A Boys1
1995Elmo's Favorite Sing-AlongsSesame Street1
1995Sesame RoadSesame Street2
1996Sing-Along Travel SongsSesame Street1
1996A Sesame Street ChristmasSesame Street1
1996Monster MelodiesSesame Street1
1996Sing the AlphabetSesame Street2
1996Splish Splash: Bath Time FunSesame Street2
1997Silly SongsSesame Street1
1997Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance SongsSesame Street2
1997Oscar's Trashy SongsSesame Street1
1997Platinum TooSesame Street1
1997The Best of ElmoSesame Street2
1997The Count’s CountdownSesame Street2
1998Elmo Saves Christmas: Holiday FavoritesSesame Street1
1999The Adventures of Elmo in GrouchlandSesame Street1
2001Elmo and the OrchestraSesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 6Sesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 1Sesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 2Sesame Street1
2003Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 3Sesame Street1
2006Elmo Makes Music (2006 original cast)Sesame Street Live1
2010Sesame Street: Old School, Volume 1Sesame Street1
2010Grover Sings the BluesSesame Street1
2010My Name is Roosevelt FranklinSesame Street1
2012Sesame Street: Elmo’s Dance PartySesame Street1
2014Elmo's Favorite SongsSesame Street1
2018It’s Christmas Time!Sesame Street1
2019O Is for Oscar!Sesame Street1
2020It’s Time to Rock & RhymeSesame Street1
A Sesame Street CelebrationSesame Street1
Nye sporSesame Street1
Sesame Street: The Best of ErnieSesame Street1
The Monsters of Sesame StreetSesame Street1

Album + Compilation

1983Sesame Street: The Best of GroverSesame Street2
1995Platinum: All‐Time FavoritesSesame Street6
1995"C" Is for Cookie: Cookie's Favorite SongsSesame Street1
1996Bert and Ernie's Greatest HitsSesame Street1
1996Sesams Stasjons JulekalenderSesam Stasjon2
1997Kids' Favorite SongsSesame Street1
1998Elmo Says BOO!Sesame Street1
2001Kids' Favorite Songs 2Sesame Street1
2003Songs From the Street: 35 Years of MusicSesame Street1
2008E is for Elmo!Sesame Street1
2008Putumayo Kids Presents: Sesame Street PlaygroundSesame Street1
2008C is for Cookie!Sesame Street1
2018G Is for Grover!Sesame Street2
2018All-Time Favorites 2Sesame Street1
2018All‐Time Favorites 1Sesame Street1
2018F is for Fun!Sesame Street1
2018N is for Numbers!Sesame Street1
Classic Sesame Street SongsSesame Street1
Sesame Street's BestSesame Street1

Album + Soundtrack

1983The Gang's All Here!Sesame Street1


1976“Sing” / What’s the Name of That Song?Sesame Street1
19765 People in My Family / People in Your NeighborhoodSesame Street1
1976Everyone Makes Mistakes / A Really Good FeelingSesame Street1
1976I Refuse to Sing Along / Come On and Sing Along With MeSesame Street1
1976One of These Things / What Are Kids CalledSesame Street1
1976This Land Is Your Land / Michael Row the Boat AshoreSesame Street1
1977Cross at the Green / Bus StopSesame Street1
1978Wonderful Me / Knock Three TimesSesame Street1
2010What Did Elmo Say?Sesame Street2


20105-Song (CD)Sesame Street1
2022Brushy Brush!Sesame Street1
2022The Nutcracker Starring Elmo & TangoSesame Street1


Get Set to Learn!Sesame Street1


2012Five BySesame Street1
20162016-10-05: Sesame Street Love to Learn #4, "Music and Dancing"Sesame Street1

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