members: Ant Bennett
Klive Humberstone
Nigel Humberstone
Q. (UK percussionist for In the Nursery)
Dolores Marguerite C (1987 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
Haunted Dancehall The Sabres of Paradise 5:47
Haunted Dancehall (Performed by In the Nursery) The Sabres of Paradise 5:50
Anatomy of a Poet In the Nursery 4:34
Blue Lovers In the Nursery 5:46
Bombed In the Nursery 5:49
Byzantium In the Nursery 3:23
Hallucinations? (Dream World mix) In the Nursery 4:36
In Perpetuum In the Nursery 4:50
Motive In the Nursery 3:38
Paper Desert In the Nursery 5:10
The Golden Journey In the Nursery 4:28
The Seventh Seal In the Nursery 5:03
Touched With Fire In the Nursery 1:57
Disappoint (ITN Affinity remix) Assemblage 23 5:24
Nyctophobia (Eleven Years mix by In the Nursery) Painbastard 5:13
The Worst in Me (Extraction mix by In the Nursery) Mortiis 4:40