Legal name: Samuel John Hopkins


Unspecified type

1989Blues in the BottleLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992It's a Sin to Be RichLightnin’ Hopkins1
1993Sittin' In With Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins1
1997Sings the BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
2004Houston Town BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Blues HootLightnin’ Hopkins1
In the Key of Lightnin'Lightnin’ Hopkins1
Lightnin' StrikesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Morning BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Nothin' but the BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Shake It BabyLightnin’ Hopkins1
The Great Electric Show And DanceLightnin’ Hopkins1
Talkin' Some SenseLightnin’ Hopkins1
Texas BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
The Tradition MastersLightnin’ Hopkins1
Take It EasyLightnin’ Hopkins1
The World Is in a TangleLightnin’ Hopkins1


1959Country BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
1959Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins3
1959The Rooster Crowed in EnglandLightnin’ Hopkins1
1960Lightnin'Lightnin’ Hopkins5
1960Autobiography in BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2
1961Blues in My BottleLightnin’ Hopkins2
1961Last Night BluesLightnin’ Hopkins33
1962Lightnin' Sam HopkinsLightnin' Sam Hopkins1
1962Lightnin' StrikesLightnin’ Hopkins2
1962Lightnin’ and Co.Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1962Last of the Great Blues SingersLightnin’ Hopkins1
1962Mojo HandLightnin’ Hopkins4
1962Walkin' This Road By MyselfLightnin’ Hopkins1
1963Goin' AwayLightnin’ Hopkins6
1963Smokes Like LightningLightnin’ Hopkins2
1965Down Home BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
1965Soul BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2
1967Blue Lightnin'Lightnin’ Hopkins2
1968Free Form PatternsLightnin’ Hopkins2
1968The Texas BluesmanLightnin’ Hopkins1
1970Lightnin Hopkins In New YorkLightnin’ Hopkins1
1972Dirty BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
1977Lightnin´!Lightnin’ Hopkins2
1983ForeverLightnin’ Hopkins1
1983Po' Lightnin'Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1990Lightnin' Hopkins & Friends – The Lost Texas Tapes: Volume 5Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Lightnin' Hopkins The Lost Texas Tapes, Vol. 1Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Lightnin's LoveLightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Trouble in MindLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992Blues Is My Business - Live 1971: Previously UnreleasedLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 8: Morning BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992It's a Sin to be RichLightnin’ Hopkins2
1992Lonesome LifeLightnin’ Hopkins1
1993Lightnin'!Lightnin’ Hopkins2
1993You're Gonna Miss Me - Live 1971: Previously Unreleased, Volume 2Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1995Blues Hoot Live Recording at 'The Ash Grove'Lightnin’ Hopkins, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry3
1995Sings the BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
1996Houston GoldLightnin’ Hopkins1
1996Sometimes I Believe She Loves MeBarbara Dane & Lightning Hopkins1
1998Down South Summit MeetingLightnin’ Hopkins, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry & Big Joe Williams1
2000Coffee House BluesLightnin’ Hopkins & Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry1
2001Lightnin' and the BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2
2004Blues That Mean Old TwisterLightnin’ Hopkins1
2004California Mudslide (And Earthquake)Lightnin’ Hopkins1
2005The Sonet Blues StoryLightnin’ Hopkins1
2006Sings the BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2
2006Bring Me My ShotgunLightnin’ Hopkins1
2006Lightnin' In New YorkSam Lightnin' Hopkins1
2010Dirty House BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
2020My Music My LoveLightnin’ Hopkins1
1947-1969Lightnin’ Hopkins1
A Legend In His Own TimeLightnin’ Hopkins1
Chicken MinnieLightnin’ Hopkins1
Lonesome Dog BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Morning BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1
Strikes AgainLightnin’ Hopkins1
Shaggy DogLightnin’ Hopkins1
Shake That Thing (Rerecorded)Lightnin’ Hopkins1
Shake That ThingLightnin’ Hopkins1

Album + Compilation

1960Lightnin' in New YorkLightnin’ Hopkins2
1964Teachin' the BluesJohn Lee Hooker / Lightnin’ Hopkins / Joe Carrol1
1988Shake It BabyLightnin’ Hopkins1
19891946-1960Lightnin’ Hopkins2
1989Double BluesLightnin’ Hopkins2
1989From The Vaults Of Everest Records, Part 4 - Nothin' But The BluesLightnin' Hopkins1
1990How Many More Years I GotLightnin’ Hopkins1
1990Blues in My Bottle/Walkin'This Road by MyselfLightnin’ Hopkins1
1990Lightnin' Strikes BackLightnin’ Hopkins1
1990The Gold Star Sessions, Volume 2Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1990The Gold Star Sessions, Volume 1Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1990The Texas BluesmanLightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Blues TrainLightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Mojo Hand (Blues Collection)Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1991Mama & Papa HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins41
1991The Complete Aladdin RecordingsLightnin’ Hopkins1
1991The Complete Prestige/Bluesville RecordingsLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992From The Vaults Of Everest Records, Part 3 - Mama And Papa HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins1
1992The Complete Candid Recordings: Otis Spann/Lightnin’ Hopkins SessionsOtis Spann / Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1992The Herald Recordings Vol. 2 - 1954Lightnin’ Hopkins1
1993Mojo Hand: The AnthologyLightnin’ Hopkins1
1994Cadillac ManLightnin’ Hopkins2
1995Jazz & Blues Collection 19: Lightnin’ HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins1
1995Los Angeles BluesLightnin’ Hopkins1

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