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Date Title Artist Length
A boy and a girl Octarium 4:41
Contre qui, rose Octarium 3:43
Double shot (Sweet honey in the rock) Octarium 3:53
Eyesight Octarium 4:06
Four Valentines: I. In the still garden Octarium 3:08
Four Valentines: II. St. Valentine's Day Octarium 4:52
Four Valentines: III. Will you, nill you Octarium 1:09
Four Valentines: IV. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day Octarium 3:25
I carry your heart with me Octarium 5:33
Lo, how a rose Octarium 4:08
On green mountains Octarium 6:43
Pied beauty Octarium 3:38
Set me as a seal Octarium 2:58