Jude (singer/songwriter Michael Jude Christodal)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All I Want to Do Jude 4:23
All of My Friends (live) Jude 2:09
Baby Ruth in Atlanta / Shoes My Size Jude 5:19
Battered Broken Jude 4:58
Beautiful Bleached-Out Blonde Jude 3:20
Beautiful Loser Jude 2:21
Black Superman Jude 4:06
Brad and Suzy Jude 4:37
Brad and Suzy (remix) Jude 4:05
Break-up Song Jude 2:37
Cammie Jude 5:19
Charlie Says Jude 4:20
Crescent Heights Jude 2:46
Cuba Jude 4:07
Cuba Jude 4:24
Damelo (Viens danser) Jude FR89P1106600 3:16
Dreaming Jude 4:15
End of My Rainbow Jude 3:50
Everybody Party on the Dance Floor Jude 1:52
Everything I Own Jude 3:59
Everything I Own Jude 3:58
Everything's All Right (I Think It's Time) Jude 4:24
Everything's Alright (I Think It's Time) Jude 4:06
Fly Again Jude 3:12
G-Blues Jude 2:27
George Jude 3:21
George Jude 2:52
Helmut Dance Jude 2:31
Homerun Hilary (live) Jude 3:18
I Do Jude 3:52
I Do Jude 4:50
I Know Jude USWB19800170 4:34
I Will Not Die Jude 3:48
I Will Not Die Jude 3:06
I'm Sorry (live, KINK Performance Studio, Portland, OR, USA) Jude 4:01
I'm Sorry Now Jude 4:23
I'm Sorry Now Jude 3:59
I'm Sorry Now Jude 3:32
I'm Sorry Now (live, 1999-06-16: The Point studios, Minneapolis, MN, USA) Jude 3:51
I'm Sorry Now (live) Jude 3:43
If You Need Jude 3:36
In Between Jude 3:16
In the Country Jude 2:15
Indian Lover Jude 4:11
Isn’t It Over Jude 4:24
King of Yesterday Jude 4:16
King of Yesterday Jude 3:45
King of Yesterday (radio edit) Jude 3:46
Life Lays Me Down Jude 5:26
Living Together Jude 1:57
Love Letters Jude 3:10
Love, Love, Love Jude 3:24
Madonna Jude 3:48
Madonna Jude Christodal 6:17
Money Jude 3:57
More Than I Wanted Jude 4:18
My Bonnie Jude 3:03
Oh Boy Jude 3:54
One of These Days Jude 3:10
Out of L.A. Jude 4:01
Out of L.A. Jude 3:14
Out of L.A. (live) Jude 4:48
Out of L.A. (new version 2005) Jude 4:14
Outside My Window Jude 2:04
Paper Towel Jude 4:44
Perfect Plank Jude 3:16
Prima Ballerina Jude 3:11
Prophet Jude 4:04
Prophet Jude 3:45
Prophet (live) Jude 4:17
Red Room Jude 3:27
Rick James Jude 4:42
Rick James Jude 3:48
Rick James (album version) Jude 4:40
Rick James (radio edit) Jude 3:50
Run to My Room Jude 3:27
Save Me Jude 3:53
She Gets the Feeling Jude 4:26
She's Getting Married Jude 4:12
Sit Ups Jude 4:30
Stay Jude 4:20
Taking More and Giving Less Jude 5:06
Teenage Girlfriend Jude 2:16
Teenage Girlfriend Jude 2:35
The Asshole Song Jude 4:04
The Not So Pretty Princess Jude 4:25
The Rider Comes Jude 4:09
The Rider Comes 2 Jude 3:08
You and Me Jude 4:39
You Mama You Jude 2:20
Your Eyes Jude 3:21
Your Love Is Everything Jude 4:45

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