Gabrielle (British singer-songwriter)

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legal name: Louise Gabrielle Bobb
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Forget About the World
Dreams More Fire Crew feat. Gabrielle 3:44
If You Ever East Seventeen featuring Gabrielle 4:14
If You Ever guest East Seventeen featuring Gabrielle 4:14
If You Ever guest East 17 feat. Gabrielle 3:25
If You Ever (feat. Gabrielle) East 17 3:57
If You Ever (feat. Gabrielle) East 17 3:59
Fallen Angel Gabrielle 3:37
Give and Take Gabrielle 3:55
If You Ever guest East Seventeen featuring Gabrielle 4:14
Latchkey Kid Gabrielle 4:26
No Big Deal Gabrielle 4:37
Out of Reach lead vocals Gabrielle 3:17
Perfect Day ’97 Lou Reed, Bono, Skye Edwards, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Elton John, Andrew Davis, Boyzone, Lesley Garrett, Burning Spear, Thomas Allen, Brodsky Quartet, Heather Small, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Shane MacGowan, Sheona White, Dr. John, Robert Cray, Huey, Ian Broudie, Gabrielle, Evan Dando, Courtney Pine, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Brett Anderson, Visual Ministry Choir, Joan Armatrading, Laurie Anderson & Tom Jones 3:47
Perfect Day ’97 (female version) Skye Edwards, Brodsky Quartet, Sheona White, Emmylou Harris, Andrew Davis, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Heather Small, Visual Ministry Choir, Suzanne Vega, Lesley Garrett, Tammy Wynette, Gabrielle, Joan Armatrading, Laurie Anderson 3:48
Picking Up the Pieces Gabrielle 4:53
Play to Win Gabrielle 4:22
Sometimes Gabrielle 3:55
Stay the Same Gabrielle 3:50
Ten Years Time Gabrielle 4:15
Tumbling Down / Letting Go Gabrielle 8:51
War of Two Minds Gabrielle 4:14
You Used to Love Me Gabrielle 4:11
Baby I’ve Changed
Because of You
Give Me a Little More Time
Going Nowhere
I Wish
If You Really Cared
Should I Stay
When a Woman