member of:The Static Rising (guitar)
engineer position at:Pinch Recordings in Long Island City, New York, New York, United States
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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
(It’s) HairsprayE. Scott LindnerassistantClarke Thorell & Council Members2:12
(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore CrabsE. Scott LindnerassistantLinda Hart, Council Members with Marissa Jaret Winokur, Kerry Butler & Danelle Eugenia Wilson2:53
(You’re) Timeless to MeE. Scott LindnerassistantDick Latessa & Harvey Fierstein4:09
Absolutely BeautifulassistantJohn Powell2:41
Big, Blonde and BeautifulE. Scott LindnerassistantMary Bond Davis, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Harvey Fierstein, Dick Latessa, Linda Hart & Company4:37
Bobcat PretzelassistantJohn Powell3:16
CootiesE. Scott LindnerassistantLaura Bell Bundy & Council Members1:32
DivorceassistantJohn Powell1:25
EmergencyassistantJohn Powell1:40
Epilogue (Two Weeks Notice)assistantJohn Powell0:42
Finale (Two Weeks Notice)assistantJohn Powell3:42
George's SpeechassistantJohn Powell2:44
Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray: Original Broadway Cast Recording)E. Scott LindnerassistantMarissa Jaret Winokur & Ensemble3:41
Good Morning Baltimore (reprise)E. Scott LindnerassistantMarissa Jaret Winokur1:34
Helicopter RideassistantJohn Powell2:31
I Can Hear the BellsE. Scott LindnerassistantMarissa Jaret Winokur & Ensemble4:05
I Know Where I’ve BeenE. Scott LindnerassistantMary Bond Davis with Shayna Steele & Ensemble4:02
In the LimoassistantJohn Powell0:51
InterviewsassistantJohn Powell0:45
It Takes TwoE. Scott LindnerassistantMatthew Morrison, Marissa Jaret Winokur & Ensemble Guys3:06
Love Theme (Two Weeks Notice)assistantJohn Powell1:39
Mama, I’m a Big Girl NowE. Scott LindnerassistantMarissa Jaret Winokur, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Harvey Fierstein, Linda Hart, Jackie Hoffman & Ensemble Girls3:18
ProtestassistantJohn Powell1:26
Run and Tell That!E. Scott LindnerassistantCorey Reynolds, Danelle Eugenia Wilson & Ensemble3:49
Sad BowelsassistantJohn Powell2:52
Take AwayassistantJohn Powell2:41
The Big DollhouseE. Scott LindnerassistantJackie Hoffman, Linda Hart, Harvey Fierstein, Laura Bell Bundy, Danelle Eugenia Wilson, Mary Bond Davis, Kerry Butler, Marissa Jaret Winokur & Ensemble Girls3:15
The Nicest Kids in TownE. Scott LindnerassistantClarke Thorell & Council Members2:37
Trying to Get FiredassistantJohn Powell1:31
Welcome to the 60’sE. Scott LindnerassistantMarissa Jaret Winokur, Harvey Fierstein & “The Dynamites”3:58
Without LoveE. Scott LindnerassistantMatthew Morrison, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Corey Reynolds, Kerry Butler & Ensemble4:27
You Can’t Stop the Beat (medley)E. Scott LindnerassistantCompany5:49
ChordalE Scott LindnerHenry Grant5:06
Eighth Ave.E Scott LindnerHenry Grant4:31
I’m ReadyE Scott LindnerHenry Grant3:23
Somewhere DownstreamE Scott LindnerHenry Grant3:10
recording engineer for
All ExceptScott LindnerZula4:00
Anything for YouScott LindnerZula4:41
At Least We’re GoingZula4:29
Breathe InScott LindnerZula5:14
ChordalE Scott LindnerHenry Grant5:06
City WorldScott LindnerZula4:32
Eighth Ave.E Scott LindnerHenry Grant4:31
Going Into WorkZula3:06
I’m ReadyE Scott LindnerHenry Grant3:23
Somewhere DownstreamE Scott LindnerHenry Grant3:10
Try ItScott LindnerZula5:02
UnmistakableScott LindnerZula3:42
New YearsadditionalZula