Metaphor (Bay Area, US prog rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Afterture 3:15
Assumption 2:19
Battle of the Archons 10:24
Call Me Old and Uninspired or Maybe Even Lazy and Tired but Thirteen Heads in the Backyard Says You're Wrong 3:31
Challalla Khaeri 11:46
Chaos With a Crown of Gold 6:00
Death in Eden 8:09
Deus Vult 5:20
Don't Sleep 9:00
Flower Harvest 1:52
Galatea 7:43
Garden Building 1:51
God Will Break Your Heart 6:47
In the Cave 9:13
Inquisition 4:44
Ladder From the Sky 6:54
Mother Night 4:52
Raking the Bones 7:44
Raking the Bones 7:43
Seed 10:10
Sick for What the Heart Wants 2:55
Socrates 7:59
Song From a Nearby Star 1:52
Starfooted in a Garden of Cans 15:07
Stella Maris 6:17
Stranded 8:25
The Bridal Chamber 2:42
The Illusion of Flesh 2:08
We Are Many and They Are Few 2:56
Wheel of the World 7:56
When It All Comes Together 4:18
Yes and No 17:50

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