Name ISRCs Rating Length
1 the Breathing Box DVD ?:??
A 10-Minute Guided Daily Breathing Practice 12:38
Claiming your unconscious commitments 4:08
Commitments and relationships 8:32
Creating abundance 10:05
Exercise examining your underlying beliefs 4:36
Exercise how to speak an dlisten to the truth 8:13
Exercise tuning in to your body 5:57
Exercise writing about the worst thing that ever happened to you 14:02
How we make the world with our thoughts 11:37
How we sabotage our commitments 10:36
Introduction 0:42
Introduction 0:42
Lifestream Breathing as a Means of Emotional Healing 14:07
Lifestream Breathing Practices for Heightened Creativity 17:02
Secret #4 access your true power 12:55
Secret #5 truth heals 8:11
Secret #6 practise the right type of responsibility 9:51
Secret #7 lead with appreciation 5:24
Seven practical changes to make in your life today 12:14
The cycles of complaint and appreciation 9:05
The difference between praise and appreciation 9:05
The Emotion Scan 11:04
The Magic Moment Technique 10:11
The Reset Button 14:55

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