Ace of Base (Swedish eurodance group)

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1993Hit Connection 93Various Artists1
1996Mega Dance ’96, Volume 7Various Artists1
1998Let Love Be LoveVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation

1992Mr Music Hits 1992-10Various Artists1
1992Absolute Music 6Various Artists1
1992Dance Collection 2Various Artists1
1992Reggae Nights Vol.2Various Artists1
1992Top Hits 92Various Artists1
1993Absolute Music 15Various Artists31
1993Dance Mission 1Various Artists1
1993Now Dance 93Various Artists1
1993Dance Mission, Volume 2Various Artists1
1993Now That’s What I Call Music! 25 (UK)Various Artists43
1993Now That’s What I Call Music! 1993 (10th Anniversary)Various Artists1
1993Now Dance: The Best of ’93Various Artists2
1993Mr Music Hits 1993-10Various Artists1
1993The Greatest Hits of 1993Various Artists1
1993Dance Mission, Volume 3Various Artists1
1993Full-On Dance 93Various Artists1
1993The Very Best of That Loving FeelingVarious Artists1
1993100% Dance 2Various Artists1
1993All the BestVarious Artists1
1993Boulevard des hits, volume 17Various Artists1
1993Chartbusters March 1993Various Artists1
1993Club Hopping 1Various Artists1
1993Dance 93Various Artists1
1993Dance Collection 6Various Artists1
1993Dance Explosion, Vol. 1: A Choice of the BestVarious Artists1
1993Dance Max 10Various Artists1
1993Dance Max 11Various Artists1
1993Die Stars und Hits des Jahres 1993Various Artists1
1993Energy Rush: Hits of the YearVarious Artists1
1993Festivalbar 93Various Artists1
1993Formel Eins: 10 YearsVarious Artists2
1993Formel Eins: 32 Big HitsVarious Artists1
1993Formel Eins: 32 Smash Hits!Various Artists1
1993Formel Eins: Hits on IceVarious Artists1
1993Het beste uit de Mega Top 50 van '93Various Artists1
1993Hitbox ’93, Vol. 3: 18 Original HitsVarious Artists1
1993Hitbox, Volume 4Various Artists1
1993Hot and Fresh, Volume 8Various Artists1
1993Internationale Hits 93Various Artists1
1993Just the BestVarious Artists1
1993Larry präsentiert: Super Saurier Hits ’93Various Artists1
1993Maxi Dance Hits 93Various Artists1
1993Maxi Dance Sensation 10Various Artists1
1993Maxi Dance Sensation 11Various Artists1
1993Maxi PowerVarious Artists1
1993Monster Hits, Volume 3Various Artists1
1993More 'n' Nore MusicVarious Artists1
1993Mr Music 93-03Various Artists1
1993MTV: Greatest HitsVarious Artists1
1993No 1’s of DanceVarious Artists1
1993Now That's What I Call Music 3 (New Zealand original series)Various Artists1
1993Radio City Hits 5Various Artists1
1993Reggae Nights Vol.3Various Artists1
1993Ronny's Pop Show 21: 36 dranssylvanische HitsVarious Artists1
1993Ronny's Pop Show 22Various Artists1
1993Sahnestücke '93: Internationale HitsVarious Artists1
1993Smash Hits 93: 19 of the Phatest Tracks of 93Various Artists1
1993Smash Hits 1993Various Artists1
1993Sunshine DanceVarious Artists1
1993Super Dance Plus 3Various Artists1
1993Techno & DanceVarious Artists1
1993The All Time Greatest Hits of Dance 2Various Artists1
1993The Best Dance Album in the World… Ever!Various Artists1
1993The Best of Dance 93Various Artists1
1993The Greatest Hits '93, Volume 2Various Artists1
1993The Greatest Hits '93, Volume 3Various Artists1
1993The Legendary Joe Bloggs (dance album)Various Artists1
1994Mr Music Hits 1994-01Various Artists1
1994Dance Mission, Volume 4Various Artists1
1994Bravo Hits 6Various Artists1
1994Now That’s What I Call Music! 27 (UK)Various Artists43
1994Absolute Music 17Various Artists31
1994Now That’s What I Call Music! 28 (UK)Various Artists43
1994Megahits 94½Various Artists1
1994100% HitsVarious Artists1
1994Now That’s What I Call Music! 1994 (10th Anniversary)Various Artists1
1994Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 1Various Artists3
1994Missing YouVarious Artists1
1994The Best of Dance 94Various Artists1
1994The Greatest Hits of 1994Various Artists1
1994The Best Dance Album in the World… Ever! Part 4Various Artists1
1994Bravo Hits: Best of 94Various Artists11
1994Now Dance: The Best of 94Various Artists1
1994Smash Hits 94Various Artists1
1994Super Dance Plus 7Various Artists1
199418 Top Hits 1/94Various Artists1
199418 Top Hits International 3/94Various Artists1
1994100% Pure LoveVarious Artists1
1994Boulevard des hits, volume 18Various Artists1
1994Bravo Supershow, Volume 1Various Artists2
1994Complete Dance 1Various Artists1
1994Dance Connexion 8Various Artists1
1994Dance Machine 2Various Artists1
1994Dance Zone '94Various Artists1
1994Dance Zone Level 1Various Artists1
1994Dance Zone Level 2Various Artists1
1994Formel Eins: 38 Electric Hits!Various Artists1

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