Monolithic (Synthpop, DDR, A Different Drum)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"daddy" Monolithic 0:17
0406 Monolithic 7:48
Arms Monolithic 7:32
Arms (Alpha Omega extended mix) Monolithic 5:31
Arms (Alpha Omega mix) Monolithic 1:49
Arms (Alpha-Omega Mix) Monolithic ?:??
Arms (Changeling Mix) Monolithic 7:30
Arms (DJ Intro-Version) Monolithic 7:38
Arms (Epic Version) Monolithic 7:08
Arms (LPT's Sunrise mix) Monolithic 7:16
Arms (No Arms mix) Monolithic 7:17
Arms (radio edit) Monolithic 5:18
Arms (Warm Embrace mix) Monolithic 7:07
Away From Here Monolithic 4:19
Away From Here Monolithic 4:24
BANG! Monolithic 3:12
Deeper and Deeper Monolithic 4:27
Deeper and Deeper Monolithic 4:22
Disinformation by Monger Monolithic 3:10
Dividing Asunder Monolithic 4:23
Don't Loose Your Head Monolithic 6:00
Don't Lose Your Head Monolithic 5:59
Don't Lose Your Head Monolithic 5:26
EBSE Monolithic 4:03
Evil Behind Smiling Eyes Monolithic 2:08
Fall Awake (Lars Hausmann remix) Monolithic 5:02
Fiber-Optic Rhythm (feat. music by Neuroactive) Monolithic 3:29
Flame Monolithic 4:41
Gift by Zeta (From "Unfinished") Monolithic 4:35
Goodbye (For Now) Monolithic 6:09
Goodbye (For Now) Monolithic ?:??
Goodbye for Now Monolithic 6:03
House of Joy Monolithic 6:02
House of Joy (Album Version) Monolithic 6:06
House of Joy (Delobbo Velocity Mix) Monolithic 9:16
House of Joy (Midihead's Rivithead Mix) Monolithic 7:06
House of Joy (Rivithead mix) Monolithic 7:09
House of Joy (Voxless) Monolithic 6:06
In Light of the Dark Monolithic 3:09
Ionic Monolithic 5:58
Like A Fire Michael Babbitt and Lars Hausmann 4:09
Lulling Us to Sleep Monolithic 4:46
Lulling Us to Sleep Monolithic 4:53
Lulling Us to Sleep Monolithic 4:46
Lulling Us to Sleep (Dream Traveler remix) Monolithic 7:35
Lulling Us to Sleep (Monger's Comatose mix) Monolithic 6:21
Lulling Us to Sleep (System22 remix) Monolithic 6:27
Lulling Us to Sleep (voxless) Monolithic 4:51
Maxim Monolithic 6:09
Mind Monolithic 1:11
Mind The Machine Monolithic 3:56
Nightwriting Monolithic 7:14
Paradigm Shift Monolithic 7:04
Power Undiminished (Arms Finale) Monolithic 10:47
Radar Monolithic 3:55
Redemption Monolithic 6:18
September Monolithic 5:47
Severed Monolithic 4:29
Shame Monolithic and Zenemy 5:11
Silent Whisper Monolithic 7:41
Silent Whisper Monolithic ?:??
Sound of Tears Monolithic 6:50
Speed Demon Monolithic 4:49
Starting Fires Monolithic 2:39
Survive (Kiev version) Monolithic 2:52
Survive (Zenemy remix) Monolithic 5:27
The Dark Monolithic 4:07
The Drain Monolithic 4:09
The Drain Monolithic 1:40
The Sound of Tears Monolithic 6:48
Unchain Monolithic 6:17
Walls Monolithic 4:33
Window of Faith Monolithic 3:55
Window of Faith Monolithic 3:58
Window of Faith Monolithic 3:59
Wraith Monolithic 4:17

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