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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
’Tis the Last Rose of Summer Clannad 4:15
[band introductions] / Happy Birthday Clannad ?:??
[introduction to An Crann Úll] Clannad 1:28
[introduction to The Old Couple] Clannad 2:29
[introduction] Clannad ?:??
[PA system exit music: Harry's Game] Clannad 0:12
A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) Clannad GBARL0400037
5 4:30
A Dream in the Night Clannad 3:09
A Gentle Place Clannad 3:10
A Mhuirnin O Clannad ?:??
A Mhuirnín Ó Clannad 4:59
A Neansaí Mhíle Grá Clannad 4:59
A Quiet Town Clannad GBCKG1300188 3:15
A Song in Your Heart Clannad GBCKG1300187 3:38
Alasdair MacColla Clannad GBARL9500180 2:16
Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) Clannad 5 4:49
Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) Clannad GBARL0300406 4:39
Almost Seems (Too Late To Turn) Clannad 4:46
Almost Seems Too Late to Turn Clannad 4:43
An Bealach Seo 'tá Romham Clannad 2:47
An Buinneán Buí Clannad 4:33
An Buinnéan Buí Clannad 4:15
An Crann Úll Clannad 3:48
An Crúiscín Lán Clannad 7:04
An Crúiscín Lán / Cuach Mo Lon Dubh Buí Clannad 6:22
An Gabhar Ban Maire Ni Bhraonain with Clannad 3:13
An Gabhar Bán Clannad 3:14
An Gabhar Bán Clannad 3:08
An Gabhar Bán Clannad 4:12
An Gabhar Bán (The White Goat) Clannad 3:35
An Gabhar Bán (The White Goat) Clannad 3:32
An GioBóg Clannad 2:30
An Gleann Clannad 4:50
An Gleann Clannad feat. Chris Rea 4:01
An Gleann (Cantoma mix) Clannad 6:53
An Mhaighdean Mhara Clannad 2:15
An Pháirc Clannad 3:06
An tOileán Úr Clannad 4:12
An tOileán Úr Clannad 5:34
An tOileán Úr Clannad 5:12
An tÚll Clannad 3:08
An tÚll Clannad 2:54
Anam Clannad 4:06
Anam Clannad 4:01
Anam Clannad GBARL0400015 3:50
Ancient Forest Clannad GBARL8400002 3:01
Ancient Forest Clannad 3:01
Ar a Ghabháil 'n a Chuan Domh / An Ghiobóg Clannad 4:41
Ar a Ghabháil ’n a ’Chuain Damh Clannad 3:25
Ar a Ghabháil ’n a ’Chuain Damh Clannad 3:27
Atlantic Realm Clannad 3:05
Atlantic Realm Clannad 3:49
Atlantic Realm Clannad 3:46
Atlantic Realm Clannad 3:48
Atlantic Realm Clannad 3:49
Autumn Leaves Are Falling Clannad 3:48
Bacach Shíle Andaí Clannad 2:33
Banba Oir Clannad GBARL0400025 3:26
Banba Oir Clannad 3:25
Banba Óir Clannad 3:29
Banba Óir Clannad 3:10
Battles Clannad 1:03
Bhean a Tí Clannad 3:46
Blackstairs Clannad GBARL8500010 4:15
Blackstairs Clannad ?:??
Both Sides Now Clannad 5 4:46
Both Sides Now Clannad 5:09
Both Sides Now Clannad & Paul Young 4:37
Both Sides Now Clannad & Paul Young 5:08
Brave Enough Clannad GBCKG1300183 4:12
Brian Boru's March Clannad 3:59
Broken Pieces Clannad GBARL9500181 4:56
Broken Pieces Clannad GBARL0400040 4:51
Bruach na Carraige Báine Clannad 2:37
Buachaill an Eirne Clannad GBARL0300408
Buachaill On Eirne Clannad 3:10
Buachaill ón Éirne Clannad 3:30
Buaireadh an Phósta Clannad 2:53
Bunan Bui Clannad 4:16
By Chance It Was Clannad 5:40
Cad De Sin Don Te Sin Clannad 4:23
Caidé Sin Do'n Té Sin Clannad ?:??
Caidé Sin do’n Té Sin Clannad 4:25
Caide Sin oo'n te sin Clannad 4:24
Caislean Oir Clannad 2:00
Caislean Oir Clannad 2:09
Caislean Óir Clannad GBARL0300402 5 2:08
Caisleán Óir Clannad 2:10
Caisleán Óir Clannad 2:06
Caisleán Óir Clannad 2:28
Caislean Óir (Planet Heaven mix) Clannad 7:05
Caislean Oir / Skellig Clannad ?:??
Caislean Uir Clannad 2:05
Caslean Oir Clannad 2:09
Cathleen Hehir's Favourite Clannad 2:16
Child of the Sea Clannad 2:40
Christmas Angels Clannad 4:18
Chuaigh mé ’na Rosann Clannad 6:16
Cití na gCumann Clannad GBCKG1300191 4:56
Closer to Your Heart Clannad GBARL0300404
5 3:30

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