Leroy Jenkins (American composer and violinist)

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additional member of:The Cecil Taylor Unit (in 1987)
member of:Equal Interest
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Off the Top of My Head
Push Button Automobile
Simple Like
Composition No. 8B
1969-11-09Black GipsyviolaArchie Shepp25:15
1969-11-09Epitaph of a Small Winner: Rio de Janeiro, Casablanca, ChicagoviolaArchie Shepp22:36
1969-11-09Pitchin' CanviolaArchie Shepp7:35
1969-11 – 1969-12Howling in the SilenceviolinArchie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones21:40
1969-11 – 1969-12The LowlandsviolinArchie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones18:33
1970-05-11The Seeker: Black Classical Rap / The Seeker / Thank You, Bird / New OrleansviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society17:21
1971-04-06 – 1971-06-19Hare KrishnaviolinAlice Coltrane8:15
1971-04-06 – 1971-06-19Oh AllahviolinAlice Coltrane5:00
1971-04-06 – 1971-06-19Universal ConsciousnessviolinAlice Coltrane5:07
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16A Love SupremestringsAlice Coltrane With Strings10:00
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16A Love Supremesolo and violinAlice Coltrane With Strings10:00
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16Galaxy Around OlodumarestringsAlice Coltrane With Strings4:15
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16Galaxy in SatchidanandastringsAlice Coltrane With Strings10:18
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16Galaxy in TuriyastringsAlice Coltrane With Strings9:57
1971-11-15 – 1971-11-16My Favorite ThingsstringsAlice Coltrane With Strings6:23
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Attica BluesviolinArchie Shepp4:48
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Ballad for a ChildviolinArchie Shepp3:37
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Good Bye Sweet PopsviolinArchie Shepp4:23
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Quiet DawnviolinArchie Shepp6:13
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Steam, Part 1violinArchie Shepp5:07
1972-01-24 – 1972-01-26Steam, Part 2violinArchie Shepp5:10
1972-09-25 – 1972-09-27A PrayerviolinArchie Shepp6:30
1972-09-25 – 1972-09-27African Drum Suite, Part 2violinArchie Shepp7:34
1972-09-25 – 1972-09-27Come SundayviolinArchie Shepp9:30
1972-09-25 – 1972-09-27The Cry of My PeopleviolinArchie Shepp5:45
1972-09-25 – 1972-09-27The LadyviolinArchie Shepp5:32
1972-11-25 – 1972-11-26Inspiration From a Vietnamese LullabyviolinPaul Motian9:41
1973-02-14DesirelessviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra1:22
1973-02-14Infinite GentlenessviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra3:22
1973-02-14Mali Doussn'gouniviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra5:40
1973-02-14March of the HobbitsviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra3:38
1973-02-14TantraviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra8:00
1973-02-14The Queen of Tung-Ting LakeviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra4:30
1973-02-14Trans-Love AirwaysviolinDon Cherry & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra6:50
1973-06Seeds and DeedsviolinDewey Redman4:53
Baby Let Me Shake Your TreeviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society4:54
Better Wrapped/Better UnwrappedviolinHenry Threadgill13:05
Going HomeviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society4:50
In MonumentviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society3:17
In TouchviolinHenry Threadgill8:48
IntroductionviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society1:40
Satin DollviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society2:16
Side Two, Cut ThreeviolinAnthony Braxton5:29
Sweet FireviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society6:02
The Bird SongviolinMuhal Richard Abrams22:38
The Seeker - Thank You, Bird - New OrleansviolinRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society17:21
Equal Interestviola and violinEqual Interest
Escalator Over the HillviolinCarla Bley & Paul Haines
Push Button Automobile
Boogie Woogie Teenage