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Blame It on the BluesGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:22
Echo of SpringGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:57
En route pour les AntillesGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:35
MarteriGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:26
Milonga del AngelGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen7:49
PromenadeGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:02
Rhapsody In GerswinGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen10:34
Shreveport StompGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:30
Speak LowGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen4:52
Temptation RagGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:23
The FlirtGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen4:52
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06How About Me? - Fox Trotsoprano saxophoneOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:00
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06How About Me? - Fox TrotreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:00
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (Jeg Er På Tuppa Etter Tutta)reedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:22
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06Impressions of Helentin whistleOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:11
1990-09-12 – 1991-02-06Love Will Find a WayreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra5:06
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Baltimore BuzzclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Bill Bailey. Won't You Please Come Home?clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Creole BellesclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Echo of SpringclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Gypsy BluesclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08High SocietyclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08KinkletsclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Mama's Gone, Good ByeclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08OdeonclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08PanamaclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Pine Apple Rag SongclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08Randi's RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08SwaneeclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08The Olympia RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08The Rag Time Dance SongclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
1995-06-07 – 1995-06-08They Didn't Believe MeclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra?:??
'S Wonderfulalto saxophone and clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:40
A Bunch of BluesreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra5:21
A Ragtime NightmareclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra1:24
Baltimore Buzz/In Honeysuckle TimereedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:24
Belle of the PhillippinesreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:13
Blame It on the BluesclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:22
Bos'n RagreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:39
Calliope RagreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:41
Echo of SpringclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:57
Echoes From the Snowball ClubreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:18
En route pour les AntillesclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:35
Fascinatin' Rhythmalto saxophone, clarinet and soprano saxophoneOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:12
I Wonder Where My Sweetie Could Be?clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:06
I'd Give a Dollar for a DimeclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:40
I've Found a New Babyalto saxophone and clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:53
Kitchen TomreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:42
Ma Ragtime BabyreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:53
MartericlarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:26
Milonga del AngelclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen7:49
One Life to Livealto saxophone and clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:58
Ophelia RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:48
Original Jelly Roll BluesclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:10
PanamaclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:05
Panama RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:27
PromenadeclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:02
Rhapsody In GerswinclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen10:34
Roberto ClementereedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:44
Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown/ There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town TonightreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:53
Search-Light RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:14
September Songalto saxophone and clarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:56
Shreveport StompclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen3:30
Speak LowclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen4:52
Superior RagreedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:25
Temptation RagclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen2:23
That Eccentric RagclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra2:57
The Chevy ChasereedsOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:37
The ChrysanthemumclarinetOphelia Ragtime Orchestra4:39
The FlirtclarinetGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen4:52
The Sheik of Arabyalto saxophone, clarinet and soprano saxophoneOphelia Ragtime Orchestra3:44
RhapsodyGeorg Reiss & Morten Gunnar Larsen