Wendy James (singer-songwriter, member of Transvision Vamp/Racine)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bad Intentions and a Bit of Cruelty 3:41
Basement Kiss 4:04
Cowboy Rhythm 5:20
Do You Know What I’m Saying? 5:17
Don’t Shoot - I Ain’t Dillinger 4:41
Earthbound 4:33
Farewell to Love 3:16
Fill in the Blanks 3:15
I Came Here to Blow Minds 3:21
I Just Don’t Want It Anymore 4:32
I Started the Lie 4:49
I Want to Stand Forever 4:31
I Will Never Be Your Lover 4:48
Indigent Blues 3:41
It’s Alright Ma 7:02
King Hoodlum 3:26
King Rat 4:56
London’s Brilliant 2:30
London’s Brilliant 2:38
Love From the 9th 2:45
May I Have Your Autograph 4:07
Municipal Blues 3:26
My Ballad to 46th Street 3:15
New Wave Flowered Up Main Street Acid Baby 2:44
No Dice 3:22
One Evening, in a Small Café… 3:45
Only a Fool 4:23
Paloma’s Downs 5:45
Puppet Girl 2:48
Screamin’ Back Washington 3:14
Situation Normal at Surfrider 7:10
Speedball 3:59
The Moon Dead in the River 4:57
The Nameless One 5:31
The Nameless One 4:11
The Reigning Beauty Queen 4:44
These Beggar Memories 4:21
This Is a Test 1:58
We Despise You 3:21
Where Have You Been, So Long? 4:27
Why Oh Why Do You Hurt Me Still? 1:55
You Tell Me 3:46
You’re a Dirtbomb, Lester 6:38
You’re a Fucking Mess, but You Sure Is Pretty 2:19
You’re So Great 3:26

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