Ted Nash (40s-80s US swing reedman, uncle of the other)

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member of:Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
A Profound GassTed Nash?:??
Brief and BreezyTed Nash?:??
DreamsvilleTed Nash?:??
FalloutTed Nash?:??
Peter GunnTed Nash?:??
Session at Pete's PadTed Nash?:??
Soft SoundsTed Nash?:??
Sorta BlueTed Nash?:??
The Brothers Go to MothersTed Nash?:??
The FloaterTed Nash?:??
1946-01-10A Woman's Got a Right to Change Her Mindtenor saxophoneRex Stewart3:13
1946-01-10Departure From Dixietenor saxophoneRex Stewart2:59
1946-01-25A Pocketful of Dreamstenor saxophoneTed Nash Quintet3:02
1946-01-25On the Sunny Side of the Streettenor saxophoneTed Nash Quintet2:47
1946-01-25The Girl in My Dreamstenor saxophoneTed Nash Quintet3:20
1946-01-25Wicks Kickstenor saxophoneTed Nash Quintet2:50
1946-06-21Annie Laurietenor saxophoneTed Nash2:46
1953-04-02Day In, Day OutreedsFrank Sinatra3:20
1953-04-02Don’t Make a Beggar of MereedsFrank Sinatra3:05
1953-04-02I’m Walking Behind YoureedsFrank Sinatra2:58
1953-04-02Lean Baby (original studio master)reedsFrank Sinatra2:34
1953-04-30I’ve Got the World on a String (1953-04-30 studio recording)Theodore NashreedsFrank Sinatra2:11
1953-08-14Something CoolfluteJune Christy4:18
1953-08-14Something Cooltenor saxophoneJune Christy4:18
1953-12-27Midnight Suntenor saxophoneJune Christy3:16
1953-12-29Whistle StopsaxophoneBilly May2:40
1954-01-18I Should Caretenor saxophoneJune Christy2:12
1954-01-18I Should CarefluteJune Christy2:12
1954-01-18It Could Happen to YoufluteJune Christy1:57
1954-01-18It Could Happen to Youtenor saxophoneJune Christy1:57
1954-01-18Lonely Housetenor saxophoneJune Christy3:58
1954-01-18Lonely HousefluteJune Christy3:58
1954-01-19A Stranger Called the Bluestenor saxophoneJune Christy3:58
1954-01-19A Stranger Called the BluesfluteJune Christy3:58
1954-01-19I'll Take RomancefluteJune Christy2:20
1954-01-19I'll Take Romancetenor saxophoneJune Christy2:20
1954-03-03This Must Be the PlacesaxophoneTennessee Ernie Ford & Betty Hutton1:54
1954-05-13The Gal That Got Away (1954-05-13 studio recording)Theodore NashreedsFrank Sinatra3:11
1956-01-09I Thought About You (recorded 1956-01-09)tenor saxophoneFrank Sinatra2:32
1956-01-09You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (recorded 1956-01-09)tenor saxophoneFrank Sinatra2:50
1956-01-09You Make Me Feel So Young (1956-01-09 Studio recording)tenor saxophoneFrank Sinatra2:57
1956-06-11'Deed I Dotenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:51
1956-06-11Blue Roomtenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:23
1956-06-11I've Got Five Dollarstenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman3:15
1956-06-11Jeepers Creeperstenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:33
1956-06-11Nice Work If You Can Get Ittenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:36
1956-06-11The Song Is Youtenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman3:55
1956-06-12Cheek to Cheektenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman4:02
1956-06-12Have You Met Miss Jones?tenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:30
1956-06-12Heat Wavetenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman3:01
1956-06-12Mountain Greenerytenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman3:38
1956-06-12September in the Raintenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:58
1956-06-12They All Laughedtenor saxophoneBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman2:42
1956-07-20Mary’s Boy Child (recorded July 20, 1956)saxophoneHarry Belafonte2:59
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31A Ship Without a SailsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald4:11
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31A Ship Without a SailfluteElla Fitzgerald4:11
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31BewitchedfluteElla Fitzgerald7:04
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31BewitchedsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald7:04
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Blue MoonsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Blue MoonfluteElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Dancing on the CeilingsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Dancing on the CeilingfluteElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ev'rything I've GotfluteElla Fitzgerald3:27
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ev'rything I've GotsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:27
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Give It Back to the IndiansfluteElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Give It Back to the IndianssaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Have You Met Miss Jones?saxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:45
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Have You Met Miss Jones?fluteElla Fitzgerald3:45
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Here in My ArmsfluteElla Fitzgerald1:56
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Here in My ArmssaxophoneElla Fitzgerald1:56
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Could Write a BookfluteElla Fitzgerald3:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Could Write a BooksaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Didn't Know What Time It WassaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:49
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Didn't Know What Time It WasfluteElla Fitzgerald3:49
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Wish I Were in Love AgainfluteElla Fitzgerald2:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Wish I Were in Love AgainsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I've Got Five DollarssaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I've Got Five DollarsfluteElla Fitzgerald2:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Isn't It Romantic?fluteElla Fitzgerald3:02
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Isn't It Romantic?saxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:02
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31It Never Entered My MindfluteElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31It Never Entered My MindsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Johnny One NotefluteElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Johnny One NotesaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Little Girl BluesaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:53
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Little Girl BluefluteElla Fitzgerald3:53
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31LoversaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31LoverfluteElla Fitzgerald3:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Lover (mono take)fluteElla Fitzgerald3:17
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Lover (mono take)saxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:17
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31ManhattanfluteElla Fitzgerald2:51
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31ManhattansaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:51
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Mountain GreeneryfluteElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Mountain GreenerysaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Funny ValentinefluteElla Fitzgerald3:55
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Funny ValentinesaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:55
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Heart Stood StillfluteElla Fitzgerald3:06
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Heart Stood StillsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:06
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My RomancefluteElla Fitzgerald3:46
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My RomancesaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:46
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Spring Is HeresaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Spring Is HerefluteElla Fitzgerald3:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ten Cents a DancefluteElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ten Cents a DancesaxophoneElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Blue RoomsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:35
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Blue RoomfluteElla Fitzgerald2:35
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Lady Is a TrampsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald3:24
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Lady Is a TrampfluteElla Fitzgerald3:24
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Silent TreatmentfluteElla Fitzgerald2:53
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Silent TreatmentsaxophoneElla Fitzgerald2:53
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