Peter W

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Airscape Ride (Pete's Kickback remix) Peter W 5:13
Airscape Ride (Pete’s Kickback remix) (part of DJ-mix "Retro Megamix, Vol. 4") Peter W 3:55
Albedo (The 80s mix) Peter W 4:53
Alphawaves Peter W 4:47
Alternative Fuel (House remix) Peter W 3:39
Battle Squadron (Syntax Error Stockholm Tribute) Peter W 3:18
Catch II Peter W 3:20
Cooperation Demo (Peter W remix) Peter W 5:20
Dalion Day (Electro Sid remix) Peter W 4:02
Deflektor Peter W 3:18
Deflektor (Deflect This remix) Peter W 3:20
Echoing (The Past) Peter W 3:16
Great Giana Sisters (Gianas Poem) Peter W 3:14
I Love My 64 Peter W feat. Slaygon 3:17
I Love My 64 Peter W 3:16
Insects in Space (Genetic Drive remix) Peter W 4:57
Last Ninja Peter W 6:24
Last Ninja 2 (Assassination of Arkanoid) Peter W 6:34
Lazity Peter W 3:06
Nemesis (The Arcade remix) Peter W 4:27
Outrun Peter W 3:49
Outrun (No Speed Limit remix) Peter W 3:51
Paradize (CHiP Island remix) Peter W 4:04
Paradroid (001 remix) Peter W 7:31
Paradroid (001 short version) Peter W 4:24
Spy vs Spy Peter W 3:09
Spy vs. Spy (Blanco o Negro remix) Peter W 3:14
Spy vs. Spy (instrumental version) Peter W 3:07
Stargate Peter W 5:07
Stargate (part of DJ-mix "Retro Megamix, Vol. 4") Peter W 1:28
Stargate (Not as Trancelucent as) Peter W 5:06
Turrican 3 (Big Ego remix) Peter W 3:55
Turrican II (Concerto for Laser and Enemies Enhanced mix) Peter W 3:31
Wizball (Caribbean remix) Peter W 2:44

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