Name ISRCs Rating Length
Real Talk 7:15
Richard II or Extraordinary Popular Dimensions and the Madness of Crowds (Responsible Hate Anthem) GARKS0900523 5:06
Riot Squad 3:26
Roadrunner 3:13
Stable Boy USMRG1552728 6:52
Stable Boy 6:06
Still Life With Hot Deuce and Silver Platter 5:30
Stranded ( On My Own ) USMRG1552703 4:24
Stranded (On Our Own) 2:58
Sun Salutation USMRG1552715 0:55
Sun Salutation 1:44
Talking Oral Fixation Blues ?:??
The Angry Hour USMRG1552701 1:42
The Battle of Hampton Roads GARKS0900529 14:02
The Boys Are Back in Town 4:03
The Dog ?:??
The Fall USMRG1552724 0:47
The Fall 0:56
The Magic Morning USMRG1552707 1:00
Theme From "Cheers" GARKS0900526 5:01
Titus Andronicus 3:13
Titus Andronicus Forever 1:25
Titus Andronicus Forever 2:13
Titus Andronicus Forever or Theme From "The Monitor" GARKS0900521 1:55
Titus Andronicus VS. The Absurd Universe (3rd Round KO) 2:10
To Old Friends and New GARKS0900526 7:00
Treatment Bound 4:50
Tried to Quit Smoking 9:45
Undone (The Sweater Song) 4:19
Upon Viewing Bruegel's "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus" ?:??
Upon Viewing Bruegel's Landscape With the Fall of Icarus 3:55
Upon Viewing Brueghel's "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus" 5 4:25
Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With the Flood of Detritus 3:31
Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With the Flood of Detritus 5 3:27
Waking Up Drunk 3:37
Waking Up Drunk 3:04
Wipeout 1:33

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