Peter Hayes (Australian psytrance producer)

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performs as: Tetrameth
siblings: James Hayes
Discogs: [info]


Date Title Artist Length
5 Rv's & A Pound of K (Atmos remix)
5 Rv's & A Pound of K (Kalya Scintilla remix)
A Practice in Blackness
Digital Acoustix
Easy Way Out
Full Floyd Rig
Jungle Weapon
Liquid Crop Duster
Operation Mind Harvest
Psychological Pyrotechnics
The 49th Vibration
The Quickening
5 Rv's & A Pound of K (Atmos remix) Captain Hook & Tetrameth 7:43
5 Rv's & A Pound of K (Kalya Scintilla remix) Captain Hook & Tetrameth 7:07
A Practice in Blackness Tetrameth 6:01
Digital Acoustix Shadow FX vs. Tetrameth 7:14
Easy Way Out Tetrameth 9:26
Full Floyd Rig Shadow FX & Tetrameth 9:34
Jungle Weapon Tetrameth 9:00
Liquid Crop Duster Shadow FX & Tetrameth 8:24
Operation Mind Harvest Tetrameth 8:08
Psychological Pyrotechnics Tetrameth 13:18
The 49th Vibration Tetrameth 8:18
The Quickening Tetrameth 8:27
Madmans Playroom (Tetrameth remix) Sensient 9:54