Timbuktu (canadian hip hop)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
100 Bars Ghettosocks feat. Timbuktu & The Herbaliser 3:44
Authority Figures Timbuktu feat. Ghettosocks & Muneshine 3:33
Baboon Rising Timbuktu feat. Ghettosocks 3:46
Elephant Timbuktu feat. John Smith 2:29
Fishcakes Timbuktu 3:02
Four for the Road Factor feat. Jeff Spec, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu & Muneshine 2:55
Fright Wig Timbuktu 2:42
Grown Man's Dinner Timbuktu 3:27
Hurtin’ Ghettosocks feat. Chokeules, Timbuktu, Wordburglar & Jesse Dangerously 3:29
It's Alive Timbuktu feat. Artifacts 3:05
Lead By Example Timbuktu 3:26
Legend Timbuktu 2:37
Lighten Up Timbuktu feat. Ghettosocks & The Herbaliser 2:44
Memory Stew Timbuktu 3:32
Motel 6 Timbuktu 3:34
Mustache Famous Timbuktu 2:46
New Jack Swing (with Marmalade, Adam Bomb & Timbuktu) Muneshine, Marmalade, Adam Bomb & Timbuktu 3:36
Nightlife Timbuktu feat. Chokeules 3:08
No Germs Timbuktu 2:31
Nothing Sweet Timbuktu feat. El da Sensei ?:??
Point Break Timbuktu 4:05
Rank & File Wordburglar feat. Touch, Chokeules, Esh the Monolith, CasUno, Savilion, Jesse Dangerously, More or Les & Timbuktu 4:05
Rock Radio Timbuktu 4:10
Rock the Discotech Ghettosocks feat. Timbuktu 3:22
Shame In The Game Timbuktu 3:14
Smell The Glove Timbuktu feat. More or Les, Muneshine, D‐Sisive, Chokeules, Psybo, King Jus, Wordburglar, Apt, Modulok & Elete 4:50
Sneaky Neighbours Wordburglar feat. Timbuktu 3:31
Sorry Bout Last Night Timbuktu 3:41
Spectre Inspectors Wordburglar feat. Timbuktu 2:43
Spruce Goose Timbuktu 3:31
Stanima Timbuktu feat. Ghettosocks 4:02
Steady and Stable (Strange Roads) Wordburglar feat. Chokeules, Richard Benjamin, MC Homeless, Riddlore & Timbuktu 4:01
Stomp Timbuktu 3:14
Sunflowers Timbuktu 3:54
The Mustard Station Ghettosocks feat. Jeff Spec, Moka Only, Timbuktu & Muneshine 3:32
The New Science Timbuktu 3:05
The Way We Do Thangs Madcon feat. Timbuktu NOBLV0703050 3:58
Timbuk The Brave Timbuktu 3:35
Warp Formula Wordburglar feat. Chokeules, Mega Ran, More or Les, Savilion, Sy-Fi, Timbuktu & Ultra Magnus 3:20
Wicker Man Timbuktu 3:08
X-Files Timbuktu feat. Chokeules & D‐Sisive 3:27
Zanzibar Ghettosocks feat. Timbuktu 2:19

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