Kompressor (faux-German industrial act from Ohio)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
120 Mph (instrumental) ?:??
Brush Your Teeth (instrumental) 2:37
Crush Television (instrumental) ?:??
Destroy Mass Media (instrumental) ?:??
Erotik Party 3:54
In Effect (instrumental) 6:04
K Is for Kompressor (instrumental) 2:26
Kartoffelsong ?:??
Kompressor Does Not Dance (instrumental) 2:56
Kompressor Logik (instrumental) ?:??
Kompressor Middle School (schädel remix) ?:??
Kompressor Power ?:??
Kompressor Want to Get With You (instrumental) 5:21
KUMD Station ID 0:29
Landscape Fuck 2:13
Pain Fuck 1:34
Sick Shit 2:28
Tunak Tunak Tun 1:24
Vitamins Are Good (instrumental) 3:24
You Need Words (remix) 1:26
You Will Call Me Kompressor 0:53

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