Black Lung (project by David Thrussell)

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legal name: David Thrussell
Discogs: [info]
Wikidata: Q4035160 [info]


Date Title Artist Length
Autumn (Black Lung remix) FourPlay 3:39
Belio (Black Lung remix) Proyecto Mirage 5:26
Born to Be Mild (Groin Thunder remix) SNOG 4:57
Desire (Black Lung remix) Numb 5:35
Hooray!! (Black Lung and the Death Jungle 2000) Snog 3:05
Justified Homicide (Black Lung "Executive Delivery" remix) Snog 5:04
Justified Homicide (Black Lung Delivers) Snog 5:01
Real Estate Man (Black Lung Greets the Funky Inquisition) Snog 4:29
Reinforced (Black Lung remix) Low Key Operations 3:49
The Culture Industry (Black Lung remix) end. 3:28
The Human Germ (Black Lung Greets the Brutal Gardener) Snog 4:08