Tiffany (US 1980s pop star)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Just Me Tiffany 3:59
Just That Girl Tiffany 3:20
Kama Sutra Tiffany feat. Dre Wilson 4:40
Keep Walking Tiffany 3:38
Kid on a Corner Tiffany 4:11
Kids in America Tiffany 3:37
Kids in America Tiffany 4:05
Kids in America Tiffany 3:36
Kiss the Ground Tiffany 4:08
Kiss You All Over Tiffany 4:41
Life Affair Tiffany 4:09
Lika blå som dina ögon Tiffany 3:37
Loneliness Tiffany 5:13
Lookin’ Through the Windows Tiffany 3:58
Love You Good Tiffany 4:17
Message From Tiffany Tiffany 3:08
Mind Candy Tiffany 4:02
Mr. Mambo Tiffany USMC18825076 5:45
Na Na Na Tiffany 3:47
Never Run My Motor Down Tiffany 4:00
New Inside Tiffany 5:37
New Inside (7" version) Tiffany 4:13
New Inside (extended version) Tiffany 6:27
New Inside (radio edit) Tiffany 4:53
New Year's Day Front Line Assembly feat. Tiffany 5:01
New Year's Day Front Line Assembly feat. Tiffany 2:15
No Rules Tiffany 4:07
Oh Jackie Tiffany 4:17
Open My Eyes Tiffany 1:13:20
Open My Eyes Tiffany 4:33
Our Love Tiffany 6:02
Out of My Heart Tiffany 3:47
Overture Tiffany 1:22
Panic Tiffany 2:39
Panic (Hang the DJ) Tiffany 2:41
Piss U Off Tiffany 3:49
Promises Made Tiffany 4:55
Radio Romance Tiffany USMC18927467 4:06
Radio Romance Tiffany 3:55
Radio Romance (7″ version) Tiffany 4:01
Radio Romance (12″ version) Tiffany 6:56
Ride It Tiffany 4:54
Ruthless Tiffany 4:44
Ruthless Tiffany 3:40
Sacrifice Tiffany 6:21
Sam Loves Joann Tiffany 4:16
Sex Talk Nappy Roots feat. Tiffany 4:16
Sexy Baby Tiffany 3:51
Should’ve Been Me Tiffany 3:40
Silence Tiffany 4:15
Someday Soon Hydra Productions feat. Tiffany 4:07
Sometimes Tiffany 4:37
Spanish Eyes Tiffany 3:58
Streets of Gold Tiffany 4:50
Tell Me Tiffany 3:45
Tenderly Tiffany 5:29
That One Blue Candle Tiffany 4:14
The Beat Goes On Tiffany 4:15
The Heart of Love Tiffany 3:57
There Could Never Tiffany 7:36
These Arms of Mine Tiffany 4:21
This Love Tiffany 4:14
Tiff’s Back Tiffany 3:55
Venus Tiffany 3:38
Voices Carry Tiffany 4:15
Voices Carry Tiffany 4:13
Walk Away While You Can Tiffany 4:05
We're Both Thinking of Her Tiffany 3:45
We’re the Truth Tiffany 3:52
What's Love Got to Do With It Tiffany 3:48
Winding Road Tiffany 4:50
Winter’s Over Tiffany 3:16
You and Me Tiffany 3:46
You Can’t Break a Broken Heart Tiffany 4:38
You Don't Belong Down Here Tiffany 4:35
You’ve Got a Way Tiffany 3:33

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