1968This Is Clarence CarterClarence Carter43
1969Testifyin’Clarence Carter1
1969The Dynamic Clarence CarterClarence Carter2
1970PatchesClarence Carter1
1973Sixty Minutes With Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
1974RealClarence Carter1
1980Let's BurnClarence Carter1
1982Love Me With a FeelingClarence Carter1
1982Livin' the LifeClarence Carter1
1984Singing For My SupperClarence Carter1
1986Dr. C.C.Clarence Carter3
1987Hooked On LoveClarence Carter1
1987Messin' With My MindClarence Carter1
1988Touch of BluesClarence Carter1
1990Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceClarence Carter1
1992Have You Met Clarence Carter... Yet?Clarence Carter1
1992Live In JohannesburgClarence Carter1
1995I Couldn't RefuseClarence Carter1
2011Sing Along With Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
Dr. C. C.Clarence Carter1
In PersonClarence Carter1

Album + Compilation

1982PatchesClarence Carter2
1991The Best of Clarence Carter: The Dr.'s Greatest PrescriptionsClarence Carter3
1992Snatching It Back: The Best OfClarence Carter1
1995Legendary Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
1998Slip Away and Other HitsClarence Carter1
1998Testifyin' / This Is Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
2001Starting All Over AgainClarence Carter1
2001The Best and the RestClarence Carter1
2007The Platinum CollectionClarence Carter1
2012The Fame Singles, Vol. 1: 1966-70Clarence Carter1
2013Clarence Carter - The Fame Singles Vol. 2 1970-73Clarence Carter1
2014The Best Of Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
2016This Is Clarence Carter / The Dynamic Clarence CarterClarence Carter1
PatchesClarence Carter1

Album + Live

1994Live With the Dr.Clarence Carter1


1961I Wanna Dance (But Don't Know How) / Money and WomanCalvin and Clarence1
1962Goodnight Irene/ I Don't Know (School Girl)Calvin and Clarence1
1963Hey Marvin / You Stole My HeartClarence & Calvin1
1963I Like It / Somebody Better Come Home QuickClarence & Calvin1
1964It's All Over Now / My LifeClarence & Calvin1
1965Lip Service / You're Gonna Come DownClarence & Calvin1
1965Step by Step / Rooster Knees & RiceClarence & Calvin1
1966I Stayed Away Too Long / Tell DaddyClarence Carter1
1967She Ain't Gonna Do Right / The Road of LoveClarence Carter1
1967Thread the Needle / Don't Make My Baby CryClarence Carter1
1968Slip Away / Funky FeverClarence Carter1
1968Back Door Santa / That Old Time FeelingClarence Carter1
1968Looking for a Fox / I Can't See MyselfClarence Carter1
1968Looking for a Fox / Funky FeverClarence Carter1
1968Too Weak to Fight / Let Me Comfort YouClarence Carter1
1969Doin’ Our Thing / I Smell a RatClarence Carter1
1969Snatching It Back / Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)Clarence Carter1
1969The Feeling Is Right / You Can't Miss What You Can't MeasureClarence Carter1
1969Take It Off Him and Put It on Me / The Few Troubles I've HadClarence Carter1
1970I Can't Leave Your Love Alone / Devil WomanClarence Carter1
1970It's All in Your Mind / Till I Can't Take It AnymoreClarence Carter1
1970Patches / Say It One More TimeClarence Carter1
1971Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love / I Hate to Love & RunClarence Carter1
1971Scratch My Back (And Mumble in My Ear) / I'm the OneClarence Carter1
1971The Court Room / Getting the Bills (But No Merchandise)Clarence Carter1
1972Back in Your Arms Again / Holdin’ Out (on Me Baby)Clarence Carter1
1972If You Can't Beat 'em / Lonesomest LonesomeClarence Carter and Candi1
1973I'm the Midnight Special / I've Got Another WomanClarence Carter1
1973Put On Your Shoes and Walk / I’ve Found Somebody NewClarence Carter1
1973Sixty Minute Man / Mother-In-LawClarence Carter1
1974Warning / On Your Way DownClarence Carter1
1975Dear Abby / Love Ain't Here No MoreClarence Carter1
1975I Got Caught / Take It All OffClarence Carter1
1976A Heart Full of Song / All Messed UpClarence Carter1
1977Can I Make It With YouClarence Carter1
1977What Was I Supposed to Do / I Couldn’t Refuse (Your Love)Clarence Carter2
1980Jimmy's Disco / SearchingClarence Carter1
1981Can We Slip Away, Again? / If I Were YoursClarence Carter1
1981It's a Monster Thang / If I Were YoursClarence Carter1
1981Let's Burn / If I SayClarence Carter1
1982I'm So Tired / Let's BurnClarence Carter1
1982Love Me With a Feeling / Girl From SowetoClarence Carter1
1985It Ain't What You Do / What Was I Supposed to DoClarence Carter1
1985Messin' With My Mind / I Was in the NeighborhoodClarence Carter1
1986If You Let Me Take You Home / So You're Leaving MeClarence Carter1
1986Strokin' / Love Me With FeelingClarence Carter1
1987Dr. C.C. / I Stayed Away Too LongClarence Carter1
1987Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite / What'd I SayClarence Carter1
1987I Feel It / Slip AwayClarence Carter1
1988Trying to Sleep Tonight / Try MeClarence Carter1
1989Kiss You All Over / Dance to the BluesClarence Carter1
1989Why Do I Stay Here and Take This Shit From You / It's a Man Down ThereClarence Carter1
1990I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Dance to the BluesClarence Carter1
1991I Ain't Leaving Girl / If You See My LadyClarence Carter1
1991Things Ain't Like They Used to Be / Pickin' 'em Up, Layin' Em DownClarence Carter1
1992"G" Spot / Hot DogClarence Carter1
1992Hand Me Down Love / Let's Get a QuickieClarence Carter1
1994Strokin' / Still Strokin'Clarence Carter2

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