1964Dubliners (with Luke Kelly)Luke Kelly & The Dubliners35
1967A Drop of the Hard StuffThe Dubliners34
1967More of the Hard StuffThe Dubliners33
1968At It Again!The Dubliners2
1968Drinkin' & Courtin'The Dubliners4
1969At Home With the DublinersThe Dubliners32
1970RevolutionThe Dubliners2
1972Double DublinersThe Dubliners1
1973Plain and SimpleThe Dubliners1
1975NowThe Dubliners1
1976A Parcel of RoguesThe Dubliners2
1979Together AgainThe Dubliners1
198321 Years OnThe Dubliners1
1983Prodigal SonsDubliners1
1987CelebrationThe Dubliners3
1988The Dubliner's DublinThe Dubliners3
199230 Years A‐GreyingThe Dubliners3
1996Further AlongThe Dubliners1
2005The Best Of The DublinersThe Dubliners1

Album + Compilation

1967The Best of the DublinersThe Dubliners1
1969A Drop of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1969It's The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1971Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1971The Patriot GameThe Dubliners1
1972Star EditionThe Dubliners1
1972Star Gold (a.k.a. Star Action)The Dubliners2
1973Golden Folk SongsThe Dubliners1
1973On TourThe Dubliners1
1973On the RoadThe Dubliners1
1974On StageThe Dubliners1
1974Pop DiamondsThe Dubliners1
1974The Best of The Dubliners Volume 2The Dubliners1
1974The Best of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1974The Dubliners (a.k.a. Pop Heroes)The Dubliners2
1974Whiskey on a SundayThe Dubliners1
1975Here's to The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1975The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1975The Very Best of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1975The Very Best of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1976Ballads on Tap… (a.k.a. The Dubliners)The Dubliners1
1976Drinking & WenchingThe Dubliners1
1976Playing Their FavouritesThe Dubliners1
1976The Second Album of the Very Best of The Dubliners (a.k.a. The Very Best of The Dubliners - Volume Two)The Dubliners1
1976The Best of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1977Fifteen Years OnThe Dubliners2
1977The Original DublinersThe Dubliners1
197820 Original Greatest HitsThe Dubliners3
19782 Originals of The Dubliners Volume OneThe Dubliners1
1978AnthologyThe Dubliners1
1978A Pub With No BeerThe Dubliners1
1978Ballads and Booze (a.k.a. Booze 'n' Ballads)The Dubliners2
1978Seven Drunken Nights / Seven Deadly SinsThe Dubliners1
1978Seven Drunken NightsThe Dubliners1
1978The Story of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1978The Original Dubliners Volume 2The Dubliners1
1979Home Boys HomeThe Dubliners1
1979The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1979The Dubliners FavouritesThe Dubliners1
1980Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1980Irish FolksongsThe Dubliners1
1980Jigs Reels & HornpipesThe Dubliners1
1980Songs of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1980ThemselvesThe Dubliners1
198118 Original Greatest Hits, Volume ThreeThe Dubliners1
198132 Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1981The Luke Kelly Album With The DublinersLuke Kelly with The Dubliners3
198224 Original Folk SongsThe Dubliners1
1982Ihre schönsten LiederThe Dubliners1
1982Irish Rebel BalladsThe Dubliners1
1982Now / A Parcel of RoguesThe Dubliners1
1982The Best of The Dubliners Volume 1The Dubliners1
1983The Best of The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1984Here's to The DublinersThe Dubliners1
198620 Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1986Luke’s LegacyLuke Kelly with The Dubliners2
1987CollectionThe Dubliners1
198816 Original FolksongsThe Dubliners1
198820 Greatest Hits, Volume 1The Dubliners1
1988All the BestThe Dubliners1
1988Irish Favourites (Vol. 1)The Dubliners1
1988Irish Favourites (Vol. 2)The Dubliners1
1988Seven Drunken NightsThe Dubliners3
1988The DublinersThe Dubliners1
1989Black Velvet BandThe Dubliners1
1989Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1990Castle Masters Collection: DublinersDubliners2
1990Ideal (a.k.a. The Dubliners)The Dubliners1
1990Songs From Ireland - Greatest Hits - Tullamore DewThe Dubliners1
1990The Wild RoverThe Dubliners1
1990The Collection, Volume 2The Dubliners2
1990The Dubliners Greatest HitsThe Dubliners1
1991CollectionThe Dubliners1
1991IrlandThe Dubliners1
1991The OriginalThe Dubliners1
1991The Best... FolkThe Dubliners1
1991Wild RoverThe Dubliners1
1992Off to Dublin GreenThe Dubliners2

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