Alvin Lucier

~ Person

Legal name: Alvin Augustus Lucier Jr.



1968Extended VoicesBrandeis University Chamber Chorus, Alvin Lucier13
1976Bird and Person DyningAlvin Lucier2
1981I Am Sitting in a RoomAlvin Lucier3
1982Music for Solo PerformerAlvin Lucier1
1988SfericsAlvin Lucier1
1990CrossingsAlvin Lucier1
1992Music on a Long Thin WireAlvin Lucier1
1994ClockerAlvin Lucier1
1996Beats. Melody. Sounds. Melody?Lucier, Wolff, Schlothauer, Frey; Jürg Frey1
1997PanoramaAlvin Lucier1
1999ThemeAlvin Lucier1
2001Still LivesAlvin Lucier1
2002Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of HyperbolasAlvin Lucier1
2002Vespers and Other Early WorksAlvin Lucier1
2003Nothing Is Real...Alvin Lucier; Matthias Kaul1
2003Navigations for Strings; Small WavesAlvin Lucier; Arditti Quartet, Hildegard Kleeb, Roland Dahinden1
2005Wind ShadowsAlvin Lucier; The Barton Workshop1
2007Ever PresentAlvin Lucier1
2009Sferics / Music for Solo PerformerAlvin Lucier1
2010Alvin LucierAlvin Lucier; Zeitkratzer1
2010Still And Moving Lines Of Silence In Families Of HyperbolasAlvin Lucier & Nick Hennies1
2016Alvin Lucier: Two CirclesAlter Ego & Alvin Lucier1
2017Illuminated by the MoonAlvin Lucier1
2018Criss Cross / HanoverAlvin Lucier2
2018So You … (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice)Alvin Lucier1
2019Ricochet LadyAlvin Lucier1
2019Chamber MusicAlvin Lucier, Morton Feldman; Charles Curtis, Anthony Burr1
2020String NoiseAlvin Lucier; String Noise1
2020VespersAlvin Lucier1
2020Works for the Ever Present OrchestraAlvin Lucier1
2023Swing Bridge; SizzlesAlvin Lucier2

Album + Compilation

2021I Am Sitting In A RoomAlvin Lucier1

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