William Byrd

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Teares or Lamentacions of a Sorrowfull Soule: Come help, O God 3:12
The Third French Coranto, BK21c (harpsichord HB) 0:56
The third pavian, BK17a (muselar) 5:03
The Whistlinge Carman 4:22
The Woods so Wild 4:10
The Woods So wild 4:08
The Woods So Wild 2:10
The Woods So Wild (In G) 3:28
The Woods So Wild (transcribed: Francis Cutting) 2:09
This sweet and merry month ?:??
This Sweet and Merry Month of May 2:11
Thou God That Guid'st 3:49
Though Amaryllis dance ?:??
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green 2:27
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green 3:04
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green ?:??
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green 3:44
Though Amaryllis Dance In Green 2:25
Though, Amaryllis Dance 4:51
Through Amarillis daunce in greene 5:10
Timete Dominum 4:10
Tollite portas 2:10
Tribue, Domine 11:41
Tribue, Domine 11:23
Tribulationes civitatum (Cantiones sacrae I) 10:27
Tristitia et anxietas 10:06
Triumph with pleasant melody 3:34
Truth at the first 2:59
Truth at the first 2:45
Turn our captivity, O Lord 4:34
Turne our captivitie (Ps. 126:5-7) 3:51
Ut re mi fa sol la, in F 3:28
Ut, mi, re, BK65 7:51
Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The playnesong...by a second Person, BK58 (muselar) 3:03
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la 3:13
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, BK64 8:28
Vide Dominum quoniam tribulor a 5 3:50
Vigilate 4:25
Vigilate 3:48
Vigilate 4:50
Vigilate 5:07
Vigilate 4:28
Vigilate 4:27
Vigilate (Cantiones sacrae I, 1589) 4:16
Vigilate (from Cantiones sacrae I) 4:08
Virga lesse 2:22
Virginal 3:41
Viri Galilaei 3:47
Viri Galilei 2:36
Visita, quaesumus Domine 4:13
Visita, quaesumus Domine 5:09
Vultum tuum 2:22
Vultum tuum 3:55
Walsingham (In G) 8:31
Walsingham, MB 8 8:24
Walsingham, MB 8 8:04
Watkins Ale / Lavolta, Lady Morley / Rowland or Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home / The Carman's Whistle 9:12
Weeping full sore, madrigal for 5 voices 6:31
What Pleasure Have Great Princes 3:32
When I was otherwise than now I am 2:18
Who likes to love 4:43
Who made thee, Hob - A dialogue between two shepherds 1:46
Who made thee, Hob, forsake the plough? 1:22
Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink & Pen? 7:13
Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink And Pen 3:17
Why do I use my paper, inke and penne? 6:52
Will yow walke the woods so wylde, BK85 (muselar) 4:36
Will Yow Walke the Woods Soe Wylde 4:43
Wilson's Wilde, BK37 (harpsichord HB) 1:23
With lilies white 2:39
With Lilies White 4:57
Wolsey's Wilde 1:41
Wolsey's Wilde 1:47
Wolsey's Wilde 1:21
Wolsey's Wilde 2:16
Work Pavin 2:54
Wretched Albinus 2:30
Wretched Albinus 2:57
Ye sacred Muses 3:51
Ye sacred Muses 3:50
Ye Sacred Muses 3:46
Ye sacred Muses - Elegy on the death of Thomas Tallis 3:35

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