~ Person

Legal name: Michael Stephen Stonebank

Also performs as: Modulate (hardcore DJ Mike Stonebank), Rocket Pimp



2014Eagle EyesStonebank feat. EMEL1
2014Moving OnStonebank feat. EMEL1
2014Holding On to SoundStonebank feat. Concept1
2014Step UpStonebank feat. Whizzkid1
2015StrongerStonebank feat. EMEL1
2015The EntityStonebank1
2015The PressureStonebank1
2015Blast From the PastStonebank1
2016All NightStonebank1
2016Be AlrightStonebank feat. EMEL1
2016Never Looking BackStonebank1
2016Lift You UpStonebank feat. EMEL1
2016Who’s Got Your LoveStonebank1
2016The Only OneStonebank feat. Ben Clark2
2016Back to StartStonebank feat. Dylan Dunlap1
2017Droppin’ LowStonebank1
2017Ripped to PiecesStonebank feat. EMEL1
2017UnityRogue × Stonebank × Slips & Slurs1
2017Feel ItStonebank1
2017By Your SideStonebank feat. EMEL1
2017Body MovingStonebank feat. Whizzkid1
2018Sky Is FallingDarren Styles & Stonebank feat. EMEL1
2018What Are You Waiting ForStonebank1
2018What’s Going DownStonebank1
2018Let You DownStonebank feat. Danyka Nadeau1
2019The GovernmentStonebank1
2019Crank Up the DankGammer & Stonebank1
2019Drop BombsStonebank1
2019Life & DeathStonebank1
2019Want Your LoveStonebank feat. EMEL1
2020SOSStonebank & Elizaveta1
2020TimeStonebank & EMEL1
2020Coming On StrongStonebank & EMEL1
2020Healing MeStonebank & EMEL1
2021Take Me AwayStonebank & EMEL1
2021Strength UnknownStonebank feat. Nino Lucarelli1
2021Keep Up the PaceStonebank1
2021Falling ApartPegboard Nerds, Stonebank & EMEL1
2021Man on the MoonDarren Styles & Stonebank1
2021Man on the Moon (extended mix)Darren Styles & Stonebank1
2022The PowerStonebank1
2022Losing ControlStonebank1
2022Welcome to the ClubPegboard Nerds × Stonebank1
2022Good For MeStonebank & EMEL1
2022DilemmaStonebank & Bianca1
2023Breathe Me Back to LifeStonebank feat. Lena Sue1

Single + Remix

2017The Only One (Darren Styles remix)Stonebank feat. Ben Clark1
2019Ripped to Pieces (VIP)Stonebank feat. EMEL1
2020What Are You Waiting For (VIP)Stonebank1
2020Be Alright (Au5 remix)Stonebank feat. EMEL1
2022Falling Apart (VIP)Pegboard Nerds, Stonebank & EMEL1


2015Monument EPStonebank1
2019Life & DeathStonebank1

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