Name ISRCs Rating Length
$.$ Gonna Spread Hard Drugs to Your Stupid Kids With the Royalties Generated by This CD 0:33
300 Years War ?:??
A Real Bitch Doesn't Listen to Botch 0:52
A Song That We Can't Understand Why We Did It a.k.a. the Batman Song 1:56
Andre From Mongoli Is a Mongoloid Android and Tetris Made Him Fool 0:56
Assume You're a Loser 0:44
Belgian HC, Before Reproach, Was Mere Chicken Shit ?:??
Bootyfastoi! Forskrewdriverfever 0:45
Bootyfightonshakethatass 0:28
Bullet Proof Bikini 1:01
Can You Imagine?! We're Into HC for a While Now, and We Even Didn't Know That Slayer Was in Fact One of the Pionneer Band From DC! ?:??
Classious as a Pimp in Pump 1:12
Crackrocks Chocolate Milkshake 0:45
Crusty Bastards 0:22
D.I.Y. 0:48
Disco Vietnam: Born to Dance 1:04
Do It Yourself ?:??
Do You Have a Karate Club Card? 0:37
Emo Is the R'n'b of Hardcore ?:??
Emo Is the R'n'b of Hardcore 1:09
Fatal Mosh From Venice Beach Goulag a.k.a. Revolution Is Trendy 1:42
Funny Funky Breakin' Yaba Girl 1:00
Horny Sistaz Love Mr. Freeze 1:05
How Can This World Still Dare to Claim It's Civilized While Still Living Up to Nazi Values Such as "Arbeit Macht Frei"?! ?:??
I Drive Drunk to Smash Cop Kids 1:15
I Love Lost and Found Records ?:??
I Love Real TV Shit 0:21
In Goulag They Used to Torture People by Playing _______* Releases ?:??
Internet Thugz 0:49
It's Really Cool to Be a Punk ?:??
King of Hiddenz Lyrics 1:23
Like Any Geographically Defined Area, Capitalism Has Its Gastronomical Traditions: Juicy BSE-Infected Steak Served With Genetically Manipulated Salad ?:??
Live at Obscene Extreme 2006 ?:??
More Crack! 0:41
Need to See Your Karate Club Card ?:??
Not Sorry About This 0:38
Nothing ?:??
Nunchakniggusstrretbounceviolentattack 0:14
Poor Lonesome Trasher 0:48
Pussee for My Possee ?:??
Put Your Feet in the Air... ?:??
Remove Your Spikes 0:45
Seth Putnam Is a Rip-Off 1:00
Sorry, I Didn't Know That She Was Only 13 1:21
Stabbed in the Back With a Fork 1:08
The DC Killah 0:59
The Washington D.C. Killer ?:??
Theorum: Playing Lame Early 80's Heavy Metal Makes You Innovative in Lame Early 2000 HC Scene ?:??
This HC Scene Has Become So Subversive That We Reached the Point Where No One Would Even Be Shocked If the Pope Himself Started a HC Band ?:??
Too Fuckin'Long 8:59
You Play Stoner but You Don't Even Know It Came From Black Sabbath Because You Are Born in 1981 2:10
You Smell Like Teen Spirit ?:??

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