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members: Jimmy Menkena (guitar)
Paul Saint Savage (guitar)
Andy Stylee (bass guitar)
original members: Ezra Kire (lead vocals)
Skwert (membranophone)
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Date Title Artist Length
All 41
Crack Squad
East Coast Rising
In Decay
Killing Is Contagious
Kings In Disguise
Moonwalk Mafia
Off the Scope
Rallying Point
Rent For Sale
Start It Up
Sunday Bombs
You're Late
All 41 INDK 3:23
Crack Squad INDK 1:41
East Coast Rising INDK 2:48
In Decay INDK 2:16
Killing Is Contagious INDK 2:04
Kings In Disguise INDK 2:11
Moonwalk Mafia INDK 4:20
Off the Scope INDK 1:48
Rallying Point INDK 2:03
Rent For Sale INDK 1:56
Set-Up INDK 2:44
Start It Up INDK 2:31
Sunday Bombs INDK 2:05
You're Late INDK 2:15