Name ISRCs Rating Length
They Shall Not Pass ?:??
They Shall Not Pass ?:??
Thoughts of Superiority 4:58
Thoughts of Superiority 4:59
To Harvest the Storm 4:45
To Harvest the Storm ?:??
To Harvest the Storm (live) 5:50
To Inherit the Guilt 3:06
To Inherit the Guilt 2:55
To Inherit the Guilt (live, 2012-12-21: Saalfeld, Germany) 3:28
Tree of Freedom 4:50
Tree of Freedom ?:??
Trespassing the Shores of Your World 5:18
Trespassing the Shores of Your World (live, 2012-12-21: Saalfeld, Germany) US4E41303536 5:30
True Belief 4:31
Ultima Ratio 4:32
Unleash Enlightenment US94P0505501 5:04
Unleash Enlightenment 5:06
Unleash Enlightenment ?:??
Unleash Enlightment (live) 5:57
Valhalla US4E41303507 5:30
Valhalla 5:30
Valhalla ?:??
Valhalla (Too Good to Steal From Edition) 5:31
Voice of the Voiceless 4:53
Voice of the Voiceless 4:52
Voice of the Voiceless 4:00
Voice of the Voiceless 6:08
Voice of the Voiceless ?:??
Voice of the Voiceless (live, 2010-02-21: Szene, Wien, Austria) ?:??
Voice of the Voiceless (live, 2012-12-21: Saalfeld, Germany) US4E41303530 4:14
Voice of the Voiceless (live at Sumerbreeze) ?:??
Voice of the Voiceless (live) 5:38
Whatever It May Take 3:44
Whatever It May Take 3:44
Whatever It May Take (live, 2012-12-21: Saalfeld, Germany) US4E41303534 3:48
Whatever That Hurts US4E40632613 4 6:15
Whatever That Hurts 6:02
Whatever That Hurts ?:??
Where Is the Light 2:57
You Will Be Godless US4E41303506 3:09
You Will Be Godless 3:09

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