Dusty (Christoph Doepke, Labelhead of Jazz & Milk)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All There Is Dusty feat. Carla Vallet 5:06
An Exotic Breed Dusty 5:11
An Exotic Breed (Umberto Echo´s Dub) Dusty 3:57
Big Band Jump Rube & Dusty 4:38
Big Band Jump Rube & Dusty 4:39
Colors Per Minute Dusty 5:11
Cultura Dusty 3:19
Danse Macabre Dusty feat. Bad Jazz Troupe 4:34
Dealin With Fire Dusty ?:??
East Skit Dusty ?:??
Explosion Dusty 6:02
Explosion Dusty 6:03
Gemini Dusty ?:??
It's Time Dusty 5:12
Just an Illusion (feat. Carla Vallet) Dusty 4:01
Keep It Raw Dusty 5:41
Keep It Raw (Vono Box remix) Dusty 3:55
Loco Para La Pista Dusty 5:45
Loco Para La Pista (Solo Moderna remix) Dusty 6:41
Loco Para La Pista (Solo Moderna remix) Dusty 6:42
Loco Para La Pista (Solo Moderna remix) Dusty 6:41
Longing Lingers Dusty feat. Carla Vallet & Bartellow 5:42
Lost in Andalusia Dusty 5:10
Mood Matters Dusty 4:54
Mozafrique Dusty 4:42
North Skit Dusty ?:??
Reascend Dusty feat. Sam Irl 4:20
Revolver Theme Dusty 5:47
Revolver Theme Dusty ?:??
Rhythmo Dusty 4:51
Rhythmo (feat. Carla Vallet) Dusty 4:54
Rhythmo (feat. Carla Vallet) Dusty feat. Carla Vallet 4:54
Salsa Step Dusty 4:42
Salsa Step Dusty 4:45
Seventy Three Dusty 3:57
Seventy Three Dusty 3:58
South Skit Dusty ?:??
Southern Spirits Dusty 4:29
Still Keepin' It Raw Dusty 5:00
Tap Tap Dusty 5:59
Tap Tap Dusty 5:57
Think Twice Dusty ?:??
Under the Same Drum Dusty 3:45
Voodoo Dusty 3:37
West Skit Dusty ?:??

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