BuJazzO 1Bundesjazzorchester mit Peter Herbolzheimer12" Vinyl10
Deutsche Harmonia MundiHM 862
Hifi Visionen Jazz-CD 1 (Reference Recording)Bundesjazzorchester unter der Leitung von Peter HerbolzheimerCD10
Hifi Vision890 401
BUJAZZO Vol.2Bundesjazzorchester & Peter HerbolzheimerCD12
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi889859-907, HM 1034-2[none]
BuJazzO, Vol.3BuJazzO, Peter Herbolzheimer2×CD8 + 10
Ars MusiciAMP 5002-2
BuJazzOBundesjazzorchester, Peter HerbolzheimerCD13
Ars MusiciAMP 5055-2[none]
Vol.4 Focus on VocalsBuJazzO, Peter Herbolzheimer2×CD9 + 9
Mons RecordsMR 874 - 803765906480324
Das Jugendjazzorchester der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandBuJazzOCD12
Bundesjugendjazzorchester on TourBuJazzOCD13
Mons RecordsMR 874-330
Calling South AfricaBuJazzO, Peter HerbolzheimerCD12
Mons RecordsMR 8744084260054554089
Calling South Africa: BuJazzO, Volume 6BundesjazzorchesterDigital Media12
  • -2007-11-23
Mons Records
Young Euro ClassicBundesjugendorchester, BuJazzO2×CD4 + 3
  • DE2009-08-23
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
City GroovesMaria Baptist & BuJazzOCD11
BuJazzo 25Bundesjazzorchester2×CD7 + 10
  • DE2013-08-30
Double Moon RecordsDMCHR 71124
Groove and the Abstract TruthBundesjazzorchesterCD7
  • DE2016-10-07
Double Moon RecordsDMCHR71175
Cuban FireBundesjazzorchesterDigital Media7
  • -2016
Verley uns FriedenBundesjazzorchester, Michael VillmowCD8
  • DE2017-09-08
Double Moon RecordsDMCHR 71192
30 Jahre BundesjazzorchesterBundesjazzorchesterCD13
  • DE2018-08-03
Double Moon RecordsDMCHR 71352608917135220
A Tribute to the Clarke - Boland Big BandBundesjazzorchesterDigital Media13
  • -2021
Calcutta EndingBuJazzO, Mike HertingCD6GMO - The LabelGMO 010-24260312210146
AfropaBuJazzO, Mike HertingCD7GMO - The LabelGMO 046-24260312210641
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