Psyche (Dark electropop band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Eternal (club mix) Psyche 6:00
Eternal (instrumental) Psyche 4:18
Eternal (live) Psyche 3:35
Eternal (Live) Psyche 4:01
Eternal City Psyche 4:31
Every Kiss I'm Dying Psyche 3:30
Exhale Psyche 6:21
Exhale Psyche 4:08
Exhale Psyche 4:09
Exhale Psyche 4:29
Exhale (Arsenic dub) Psyche 6:21
Eye of the Hurricane Psyche 6:15
Eye of the Hurricane (The Phantom Skies remix) Psyche 5:02
Faith Psyche 5:17
Fallen Star Psyche 4:01
Final Destination Psyche 5:37
Final Destination (Controlled Collapse mix) Psyche 5:25
Final Destination (Emergency Warp mix) Psyche 4:29
Foolish Heart Psyche 3:42
Fragility (Tribute to Dwayne) Psyche 3:18
Freaks Psyche 3:35
Freaks (Delay mix) Psyche 3:39
From Beyond Psyche 3:30
Ghost Psyche 4:23
Ghost (original demo) Psyche 3:21
Ghost Child Psyche 3:18
Gods and Monsters Psyche 5:28
Good Bye Horses Psyche 3:23
Good-Bye Horses Psyche 3:59
Good-Bye Horses Psyche 3:25
Good-Bye Horses Psyche 3:57
Goodbye Horses Psyche 3:25
Goodbye Horses Psyche 3:58
Goodbye Horses (21st Century mix) Psyche 4:02
Goodbye Horses (21st Century mix) Psyche 4:05
Goodbye Horses (Immortality edit) Psyche ?:??
Goodbye Horses (single edit) Psyche 3:27
Goodbye Horses (Tokyo Club Mix: Sushiboy) Psyche 5:13
Guilt Psyche 3:50
Haunted Psyche 4:08
Haunted (Hill House Mix) Psyche 5:51
Heaven In Pain (Revisited) Psyche 5:25
Heaven in Pain (With Our Heaven) Psyche 4:10
Hypnotized Psyche 4:17
I'm a Gentleman Psyche 3:29
I'm a Gentleman Psyche 3:24
If You Believe Psyche 4:09
If You Believe (LP version) Psyche 4:06
If You Believe (radio remix by J. Venus) Psyche 3:36
Illusion Psyche 4:25
Imaginary Life Psyche 4:34
Insatiable Psyche 4:42
Insatiable Psyche 4:41
Insatiable (Chamber mix) Psyche 4:39
Insatiable (instrumental) Psyche 4:26
Insatiable (Live) Psyche 4:35
Insatiable (U.S. mix) Psyche 6:40
Insecurity Psyche 4:50
Intermezzo Psyche 2:00
Internal Psyche 6:00
Justice and Damnation Psyche 4:36
Justice and Damnation (remix) Psyche 5:20
Killing Disco Machine Psyche & People Theatre 4:51
Krieg Psyche 4:38
Krieg (feat. Dwayne Goettel) (live) Psyche 4:34
Krieg Dub Psyche 6:05
Land of Broken Promises Psyche 4:15
Land of Broken Promises Psyche 4:18
Land of Broken Promises (exclusive version) Psyche 4:14
Lead Me Astray Psyche 6:07
Lie to Me Psyche 3:48
Lonely One Psyche 5:33
Looking Glass Psyche 3:57
Looking Glass Psyche 4:35
Looking Glass (Trance Mix: Psyche) Psyche 5:04
Looking Glass (Trance) Psyche 5:02
Lord Unleashed Psyche 3:23
Lord Unleashed Psyche 3:23
Lost Innocence Psyche 4:09
Love Is a Dangerous Game Psyche 4:51
Love is a Mystery Psyche 6:46
Love Is a Winter Psyche 3:33
Love Is a Winter Psyche 3:59
Love Is a Winter (reprise) Psyche 3:21
Maggots Psyche 4:29
Make No Mistake Psyche 4:10
Memento Psyche 5:01
Memento (Amnesia Break Mix: Sixty Winters) Psyche 5:17
Memento (Chill mix: Sixty Winters) Psyche 5:16
Mind Over Matter Psyche 4:25
Mind Over... Psyche 4:27
Misery Psyche 4:27
Misery Psyche 4:07
Misery Psyche 4:06
Misery Psyche 4:06
Misery (Acoustic Rhodes) Psyche 3:26
Misery (BG remix) Psyche 6:22
Misery (edit) Psyche 4:57
Misery (Extended Re-Edit) Psyche 4:56
Misery (Lights of Euphoria mix) Psyche 4:24

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