Andrew Love

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original member of:The Memphis Horns
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1965-04I’ve Been Loving You Too Longtenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:58
1965-04I’ve Been Loving You Too Longtenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:15
1965-05-12Don’t Fight Ittenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:10
1965-05-12I’m Not Tiredtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:46
1965-05-12In the Midnight Hourtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:35
1965-05-12That’s a Man’s Waytenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:23
1965-06-30I Never Get Enough of Your Lovetenor saxophoneDon Covay2:46
1965-06-30See-Sawtenor saxophoneDon Covay3:00
1965-06-30Sookie Sookietenor saxophoneDon Covay2:48
1965-07(I Can’t Get No) Satisfactiontenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:46
1965-07A Change Is Gonna Cometenor saxophoneOtis Redding4:21
1965-07Down in the Valleytenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:00
1965-07My Girltenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:55
1965-07Ole Man Troubletenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:38
1965-07Respecttenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:09
1965-07Rock Me Babytenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:30
1965-07Shaketenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:41
1965-07Wonderful Worldtenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:09
1965-07You Don’t Miss Your Watertenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:46
1965-09-16Danger Zonetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:09
1965-09-16It's All Overtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:21
1965-11-05Grab This Thingtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1965-12-20634-5789tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:58
1965-12-20I'm Driftingtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:46
1965-12-20Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:31
1966-01-15Honey Pottenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07"Dear James" Medley (Night Train, Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, I Got You, Good Loving, I'll Go Crazy)tenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07Cleo's Backtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07In the Moodtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07Loving You Too Longtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07Plantation Inntenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07The Girl From Ipanematenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-02-07Walking With the Duketenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys?:??
1966-03-25Laundromat BlueshornAlbert King3:23
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Barefootin'tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:21
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Land of 1000 Dancestenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:26
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Mercy, Mercytenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:28
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Nothing You Can Do (mono)tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:14
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Nothing You Can Dotenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:13
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11She Ain't Gonna Do Right (mono)tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:14
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11She Ain’t Gonna Do Righttenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:16
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11She's So Good to Metenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:16
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11Something You Gottenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:56
1966-05-08 – 1966-05-11You're So Finetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:36
1966-08-03Oh, Pretty WomanhornAlbert King2:50
1966-08-30Fa‐Fa‐Fa‐Fa‐Fa (Sad Song)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:43
1966-09-13Day Trippertenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:36
1966-09-13Hawg for Youtenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:27
1966-09-13I’m Sick Y’alltenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:55
1966-09-13Love Have Mercytenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:29
1966-09-13She Put the Hurt on Metenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:35
1966-09-13Sweet Lorenetenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:30
1966-09-13Tennessee Waltztenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:53
1966-09-13Ton of Joytenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:50
1966-09-13Try a Little Tendernesstenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:50
1966-09-13You’re Still My Babytenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:48
1966-11-02Crosscut SawhornAlbert King2:35
1967-01 – 1967-02Are You Lonely for Me Babytenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas3:13
1967-01 – 1967-02Bring It on Home to Metenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:35
1967-01 – 1967-02It Takes Twotenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas3:08
1967-01 – 1967-02Knock on Woodtenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:53
1967-01 – 1967-02Let Me Be Good to Youtenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:57
1967-01 – 1967-02Lovey Doveytenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:37
1967-01 – 1967-02New Year's Resolutiontenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas3:23
1967-01 – 1967-02Ooh Carla, Ooh Otistenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:33
1967-01 – 1967-02Tell It Like It Istenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas3:17
1967-01 – 1967-02Tramptenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas3:01
1967-01 – 1967-02When Something Is Wrong With My Babytenor saxophoneOtis Redding & Carla Thomas2:51
1967-03-21My Girl (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:42
1967-03-21Satisfaction (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:53
1967-03-21Shake (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:54
1967-03-21Try a Little Tenderness (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding5:07
1967-03Can’t Turn You Loose (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:20
1967-03Day Tripper (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:54
1967-03Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:37
1967-03I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:40
1967-03Respect (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding3:00
1967-03These Arms of Mine (live, 1967-03-21: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France)tenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:57
1967-11-10I Can't See Myselftenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:28
1967-11-10Looking for a Foxtenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:16
1967-11-10Wind It Uptenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:37
1967Born Under a Bad SignhornAlbert King2:48
1968-04-03Funky Fevertenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:51
1968-04-08I'm Qualifiedtenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:21
1968-04-08She Ain't Gonna Do Righttenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:29
1968-04-08Slip Awaytenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:32
1968-04-08Slippin' Aroundtenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:34
1968-04-08Thread the Needletenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:31
1968-04-15Mr. Bigtenor saxophoneAretha Franklin2:41
1968-04-15Think (single version)tenor saxophoneAretha Franklin2:18
1968-04-16See Sawtenor saxophoneAretha Franklin2:45
1968-04-16You Send Metenor saxophoneAretha Franklin2:28
1968-04-17Night Time Is the Right Timetenor saxophoneAretha Franklin4:49
1968-04-18I Can’t See Myself Leaving Youtenor saxophoneAretha Franklin3:01
1968-04-18I Take What I Wanttenor saxophoneAretha Franklin2:33
1968-11-27 – 1968-12-03Born to Be Wildtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:45
1968-11-27 – 1968-12-03Hey Judetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett4:06
1968(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Baytenor saxophoneArif Mardin3:20
1968A Man and a Halftenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:51
1968Back in Your Armstenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:57
1968Do What You Gotta Dotenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:31
1968My Own Style of Lovingtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:40
1968Night Owltenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:23
1968Part Time Lovetenor saxophoneClarence Carter2:39
1968People Make the Worldtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:47
1968Proud Marytenor saxophoneArif Mardin3:32
1968Save Metenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:37
1968Search Your Hearttenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:45
1968Set Me Freetenor saxophoneClarence Carter3:06
1968Sit Down and Talk This Overtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:20
1968Strange Brewtenor saxophoneArif Mardin4:16
1968Toe Holdtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:49
1968Woman Likes to Hear Thattenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:53
1969-02Goin' Up the Countrytenor saxophoneThe Duck and The Bear2:35
1969-12-10Blind Willytenor saxophoneHerbie Mann4:47
1969-12-10Can You Dig Ittenor saxophoneHerbie Mann5:51
1969-12-10Claudia Pietenor saxophoneHerbie Mann4:38
1969-12-10Muscle Shoals Nitty Grittytenor saxophoneHerbie Mann6:47
1970-04-24Soul Shaketenor saxophoneDelaney & Bonnie & Friends3:09
1971-01-27A Mighty Long Waytenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:52
1971-01-27Covering the Same Old Groundtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett3:24
1971-01-27Don't Knock My Love, Part 1tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:22
1971-01-27Don't Knock My Love, Part 2tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett4:02
1971-01-27Fire and Watertenor saxophoneWilson Pickett3:05
1971-01-27Hot Lovetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett3:03
1971-01-27Lean on Metenor saxophoneAretha Franklin4:37
1971-01-27Lean on MefluteAretha Franklin4:37
1971-01-27Mama Told Me Not to Cometenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:48
1971-01-27Not Enough Love to Satisfytenor saxophoneWilson Pickett3:04
1971-01-27Pledging My Lovetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett3:23
1971-01-27You Can't Judge a Book by Its Covertenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:55
1971-01-27 – 1971-02-01Chicken Bone Bonetenor saxophoneThe Manhattan Transfer and Gene Pistilli3:20
1972-02Funky Mamatenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown4:55
1972-02Jelly, Jellytenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown4:53
1972-02Man and His Environmenttenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown3:01
1972-02One Mint Juleptenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown3:23
1972-02Please Mr. Nixontenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown4:57
1972-02River’s Invitationtenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown4:42
1972-02St Louis Bluestenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown2:47
1972-02The Driftertenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown7:26
1973-07-11Dollar’s Got the Bluestenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown5:22
1993-08 – 1993-10I Sho Dotenor saxophoneBonnie Raitt3:39
634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:58
As the Years Go Passing ByhornAlbert King3:51
Brandedtenor saxophoneIsaac Hayes7:02
Call Metenor saxophoneAl Green3:06
Can’t Hardly Waittenor saxophoneThe Replacements3:04
Dancefloorstenor saxophoneMy Morning Jacket5:39
Dancing in the Streettenor saxophoneLivingston Taylor3:25
Danger Zonetenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:11
Don't Fight Ittenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:35
Down Don’t Bother MehornAlbert King2:12
Easy Morning Rebeltenor saxophoneMy Morning Jacket5:35
For the Good Timestenor saxophoneAl Green6:28
Funk-ShunhornAlbert King2:32
Funny How Time Slips Awaytenor saxophoneAl Green5:35
Give a LittlesaxophoneNicolette Larson3:00
Grab This Thingtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys2:25
Groove MehornKing Curtis3:44
Have You Been Making Out O.K.tenor saxophoneAl Green3:46
Hearts on Firetenor saxophoneSteve Winwood5:18
Here I Am (Come and Take Me)tenor saxophoneAl Green4:15
Holding Ontenor saxophoneSteve Winwood6:16
Honky TonkhornKing Curtis4:56
I Almost Lost My MindhornAlbert King3:33
I Know How to Do ItsaxophoneNatalie Merchant4:29
I Love You More Than Words Can Saytenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:57
I'm Driftingtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:54
I'm Not Tiredtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:47
I’m Glad You’re Minetenor saxophoneAl Green2:57
I’m So Lonesome I Could Crytenor saxophoneAl Green3:13
I’m Still in Love With Youtenor saxophoneAl Green3:14
In the Midnight Hourtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:34
It's All Overtenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:20
Jesus Is Waitingtenor saxophoneAl Green5:37
Jumpin’ at ShadowshornGary Moore4:21
Kansas CityhornAlbert King2:35
Last Nighttenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys3:18
Let Me Come on Hometenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:54
Let Me RidehornJames Taylor2:44
Look What You Done for Metenor saxophoneAl Green3:06
Lotta LovesaxophoneNicolette Larson3:10
Love and Happinesstenor saxophoneAl Green5:07
Love Has Brought Me AroundhornJames Taylor2:45
Love the One You're WithhornKing Curtis4:02
Love’s Got Me Doin’ TimesaxophoneCinderella5:20
Make No MistakehornKeith Richards4:54
MiddlemanhornJohn Prine2:33
Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)tenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:44
Oh, Pretty Womantenor saxophoneAl Green3:21
Ole Man Troubletenor saxophoneOtis Redding2:36
One More Morningtenor saxophoneSteve Winwood5:00
One of These Good Old Daystenor saxophoneAl Green3:18
Overall JunctionhornAlbert King2:21
Personal ManagerhornAlbert King4:33
Philly Dogtenor saxophoneThe Mar‐Keys2:55
Roll With Ittenor saxophoneSteve Winwood5:21
Roll With Itsaxophone and soloSteve Winwood5:21
Saddle in the RainhornJohn Prine3:35
Separate WayshornGary Moore4:54
Simply Beautifultenor saxophoneAl Green4:12
Soulsvilletenor saxophoneIsaac Hayes4:10
Stand Uptenor saxophoneAl Green3:28
StarsaxophonePrimal Scream4:25
Storm FronthornBilly Joel5:17
Story of the BlueshornGary Moore6:41
That's a Man's Waytenor saxophoneWilson Pickett2:24
The GrossersaxophoneFettes Brot3:45
The GrossersaxophoneFettes Brot4:00
The HunterhornAlbert King2:48
The Very Thought of YouhornAlbert King3:47
Too Little, Too Latetenor saxophoneLonnie Brooks5:02
Traveling Moodtenor saxophoneClarence “Gatemouth” Brown7:51
What a Wonderful Thing Love Istenor saxophoneAl Green3:38
With a Little Help From My Friends (live) (live)hornJoe Cocker9:24
You Ought to Be With Metenor saxophoneAl Green3:19
You Send MesaxophoneNicolette Larson3:57
You're the OnehornKing Curtis3:26
Your Love Is Like the Morning Suntenor saxophoneAl Green3:12
Can't Get Away From This DogsaxophoneRufus Thomas
Cyclesguest and hornThe Doobie Brothers
Dock of the Bay SessionssaxophoneOtis Redding
Explores Your Mindhorn [horns]Al Green
FriendshornB.B. King
Give Out But Don't Give Upguest and hornPrimal Scream
Give Out But Don't Give Upguest and hornPrimal Scream
Give Out But Don't Give Upguest and hornPrimal Scream
Give Out But Don’t Give Upguest and hornPrimal Scream
Give Out But Don’t Give Upguest and hornPrimal Scream
Longing in Their Heartsguest and tenor saxophoneBonnie Raitt
Makin' Musictenor saxophoneRoy Clark, Gatemouth Brown
Minute by Minuteguest and saxophoneThe Doobie Brothers
Minute by Minuteguest and saxophoneThe Doobie Brothers
Stephen Stills 2tenor saxophoneStephen Stills
Stephen Stills 2Andrew Love of The Memphis Hornstenor saxophone [tenor sax]Stephen Stills
Takin' It to the Streetsguest and hornThe Doobie Brothers
Takin' It to the Streetsguest and hornThe Doobie Brothers
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habitsguest and saxophoneThe Doobie Brothers
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habitsguest and saxophoneThe Doobie Brothers
instrument arranger
What Were Once Vices Are Now HabitshornThe Doobie Brothers
What Were Once Vices Are Now HabitshornThe Doobie Brothers
At the Mercy of a Man
Last Love
So Over You