Heatwave (70s/80s R&B/Funk band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:40
Boogie Nights Heatwave 5:07
Boogie Nights Heatwave 6:20
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:48
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:09
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:31
Boogie Nights Heatwave 5:16
Boogie Nights Heatwave 4:35
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:42
Boogie Nights Heatwave GBBBM7602015 3:32
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:15
Boogie Nights Heatwave 5:17
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:38
Boogie Nights Heatwave 4:37
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:34
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:32
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:33
Boogie Nights Heatwave 5:04
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:38
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:38
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:36
Boogie Nights Heatwave 3:42
Boogie Nights (part of “Ben Liebrand: Grandmix, The Disco Edition” DJ-mix) Heatwave 1:36
Boogie Nights (part of “D.J. Disco Mix, 2” DJ-mix) Heatwave 3:21
Boogie Nights (part of “Disco Freakout” DJ-mix) Heatwave 3:20
Boogie Nights (part of “Funkmaster Mix” DJ-mix) Heatwave 3:17
Boogie Nights (part of “Nile Rodgers Presents Disco Inferno” DJ-mix) Heatwave ?:??
Boogie Nights (part of “The Party Mix: Classic Soul” DJ-mix) Heatwave 3:30
Boogie Nights (part of a “The Ministry of Sound: Funk the Disco” DJ‐mix) Heatwave 3:14
Boogie Nights (12″ single version) Heatwave 5:02
Boogie Nights (2003 remix) Heatwave 3:42
Boogie Nights (After Hours mix) Heatwave 5:52
Boogie Nights (Diggler's Dancefloor Delight mix) Heatwave 7:00
Boogie Nights (from Boogie Nights) (Re-Recorded / Remastered) Heatwave 3:42
Boogie Nights (remix) Heatwave 6:31
Boogie Nights (single version) Heatwave ?:??
Central Heating Heatwave GBBBM7702006
Cover Discover Heatwave 3:55
Disco Heatwave 3:46
Disco Heatwave ?:??
Dreamin' You Heatwave 3:58
Eyeballin' Heatwave 3:51
Eyeballin' Heatwave 3:53
Eyeballin' (Special Disco Version) Heatwave 6:38
Eyeballin' (US 12" disco version) Heatwave 6:38
Feel Like Makin' Love Jocelyn Brown feat. Heatwave 4:20
Feel Like Makin' Love Heatwave 4:44
Feel Like Making Love Heatwave feat. Jocelyn Brown 4:17
Feel Like Making Love Heatwave 4:23
Feel Like Making Love (part of “The Very Best of 100% Pure Groove” DJ-mix) Heatwave feat. Jocelyn Brown 3:43
Feel Like Making Love (feat. Jocelyn Brown) Heatwave 4:22
Find It in Your Heart Heatwave 4:38
Find Someone Like You Heatwave 3:58
First Day Of Snow Heatwave 3:36
Gangsters of Groove (UK 12" remix) Heatwave 5:48
Gangsters of Love (US single version) Heatwave 4:02
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave 4:21
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave 4:02
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave 4:01
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave ?:??
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave ?:??
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave 4:36
Gangsters of the Groove Heatwave 3:57
Gangsters of the Groove (part of “The Party Mix: 80s Dancefloor” DJ-mix) Heatwave 3:56
Gangsters Of The Groove Heatwave 4:01
Goin' Crazy Heatwave 5:51
Goin' Crazy Heatwave ?:??
Goin' Crazy (part of “Gilles Peterson in the House” DJ-mix) Heatwave 2:11
Goin' Crazy (Fat Camp edit) Heatwave 6:11
Groove Line Heatwave 3:28
Groove Line Heatwave ?:??
Groove Line Heatwave 4:07
Groove Line Heatwave 4:22
Happiness Togetherness Heatwave GBBBM7800022
Happiness Togetherness Heatwave ?:??
Hold on to the One Heatwave 5:58
I Surrender Heatwave 5:46
I Surrender Heatwave 5:49
I Surrender Heatwave 5:46
I'll Beat Your Booty Heatwave ?:??
Introducing My Love Heatwave 4:46
Jitterbuggin' Heatwave 4:01
Jitterbuggin' Heatwave 4:12
Jitterbuggin' Heatwave ?:??
Jitterbuggin' Heatwave 3:51
Jitterbuggin' Heatwave 4:01
Jitterbuggin' (UK single version) Heatwave 4:00
Jitterbuggin’ Heatwave 4:08
Lay It on Me Heatwave 3:19
Leavin' for a Dream Heatwave USLIC0700330 3:26
Lettin' It Loose Heatwave GBBBM8200016 4:18
Lettin' It Loose Heatwave 4:22
Lettin' It Loose (12" version) Heatwave 6:14
Lettin’ It Loose Heatwave 6:12
Look After Love Heatwave GBBBM8200014 5:33
Look After Love Heatwave 4:21
Look After Love (single version) Heatwave 4:22
Medley: Boogie Nights / Groove Line Heatwave 6:17
Mind Blowing Decisions Heatwave GBBBM7702010
Mind Blowing Decisions Heatwave 5:04

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