member of:C4 (Michael Angelo Batio's C4 project)
original member of:Nitro (US glam/hair metal band) (from 1987 until 1993, from 2016-11 until 2019-05: guitar)
has personal publisher:Michael Batio Publishing
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Angel in WhiteMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette4:29
Boyz Will B BoyzguitarNitro3:28
Bring It DownguitarNitro3:11
Cat Scratch FeverguitarNitro3:36
Crazy LoveguitarNitro3:42
Don’t GoguitarNitro4:04
Double TroubleguitarNitro3:55
Flash of LightningMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette5:01
Freight Train (LP edit)guitarNitro3:32
Head OnMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette4:11
Hey Mike (guitar solo)guitarNitro0:52
Hot, Wet, Drippin’ With SweatguitarNitro3:28
I Want UguitarNitro4:11
Johnny Died on ChristmasguitarNitro3:47
Long Way From HomeguitarNitro5:27
Machine Gunn EddieguitarNitro6:45
Make Me CrazyMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette2:41
Makin’ LoveguitarNitro4:32
Mirror‐MirrorMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette5:34
Nasty ReputationguitarNitro4:44
Never Say Never AgainMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette3:13
Nitro (guitar solo)Michael AngeloguitarJim Gillette1:31
Proud to Be LoudMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette4:40
Red Hot Rocket RideMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette3:54
Shot Heard ’round the WorldguitarNitro4:07
Show DownMichael AngeloguitarJim Gillette4:02
Take MeguitarNitro4:00
Turnin’ Me OnguitarNitro3:47
When the Clock Strikes 12Michael AngeloguitarJim Gillette4:31
Bring It DownNitro3:11
Double TroubleNitro3:55
Freight Train (LP edit)Nitro3:32
Long Way From HomeNitro5:27
Machine Gunn EddieNitro6:45
Nasty ReputationNitro4:44
Shot Heard ’round the WorldNitro4:07
NitroMichael Angelo
Boyz Will B Boyz
Bring It Down
Crazy Love
Don’t Go
Double Trouble
Fighting Mad
Freight Train
Head OnMichael Angelo
Hey Mike (guitar solo)
Hot, Wet, Drippin’ With Sweat
I Want U
Johnny Died on Christmas
Long Way From Home
Machine Gunn Eddie
Makin’ Love
Nasty Reputation
Shot Heard ’round the World
Take Me
Turnin’ Me On