1991Vol. 17보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 21: Film Music 1보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 22: Film Music 2보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 1보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 2보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 3보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 4: Merited Artiste Kim Kwang Suk's Solos 1보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 7: Merited Artiste Kim Gwang Suk's Solos 2보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 12: Korean Folk Songs 1보천보전자악단2
1991Vol. 5보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 20: Shine, Jong Il Peak보천보전자악단2
1991Vol. 30보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 28: Instrumentals 1보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 27보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 19: The Dear Name보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 11보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 10: Chon Hye Yong's Solos 2보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 6보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 8: Li Gyong Suk's Solos 1보천보전자악단1
1991Vol. 9: Chon Hye Yong's Solo 1보천보전자악단2
1991Vol. 16: Pieces of Accompanying Music 4Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble1
1992Vol. 49보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 36: Korean Folk Songs 2보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 45보천보전자악단2
1992Vol. 44보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 42보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 31: Performance in Japan Part 1보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 48보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 47보천보전자악단1
1992Vol. 40: Foreign Songs 4보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 14: Pieces of Accompanying Music 2보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 54보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 55보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 58보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 13: Pieces of Accompanying Music 1보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 57보천보전자악단1
1994Vol. 56보천보전자악단1
1995Vol. 15: Pieces of Accompanying Music 3보천보전자악단1
1995Vol. 62보천보전자악단1
1995Vol. 61보천보전자악단1
1995Vol. 59보천보전자악단1
1996Vol. 65보천보전자악단1
1997Vol. 77보천보전자악단1
1997Vol. 76보천보전자악단1
1997Vol. 78보천보전자악단1
1997Vol. 39: Choe Jae Son's Composition 1보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 81보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 85보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 83보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 82보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 80보천보전자악단1
1998Vol. 84보천보전자악단1
1999Vol. 86보천보전자악단1
1999Vol. 87보천보전자악단1
1999Vol. 90보천보전자악단1
1999Vol. 91보천보전자악단1
1999Vol. 88보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 109: Jo Kum Hwa's Solos 5보천보전자악단2
2000Vol. 108: Jo Kum Hwa's Solos 4보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 110: Ri Kyong Suk's Solos 3보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 111: Ri Kyong Suk's Solos 4보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 107: Jo Kum Hwa's Solos 3보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 106: Kim Gwang Suk's Solos 8보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 105: Kim Gwang Suk's Solos 7보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 104: Kim Kwang Suk's Solos 6보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 103: Kim Kwang Suk's Solos 5보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 102: Kim Kwang Suk's Solos 4보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 99: Jon Hye Yong's Solos 5보천보전자악단1
2000Vol. 101: Jon Hye Yong's Solos 7보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 122: Hwang Jin Yong's Composition 2보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 119: Ri Jong O's Composition 4보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 115: An Jong Ho's Composition 4보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 127: Pak Jin Guk's Composition 2보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 128: Pak Jin Guk's Composition 3보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 125: U Jong Hui's Composition 4보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 129: Ku Sung Hae's Composition 1보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 126: Pak Jin Guk's Composition 1보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 124: Hwang Jin Yong's Composition 4보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 123: Hwang Jin Yong's Composition 3보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 121: Ri Jong O's composition 6보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 120: Ri Jong O's Composition 5보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 118: Ri Jong O's Composition 3보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 117: An Jong Ho's Composition 6보천보전자악단1
2001Vol. 116: An Jong Ho's Composition 5보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 134보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 144: Jon Gwan's Composition 1보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 135보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 141: Hwang Jin Yong's Composition 5보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 131보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 132보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 142: Hwang Jin Yong's Composition 6보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 130보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 136보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 133보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 139: Ri Jong O's Composition 7보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 138: Hyon Song Wol's Solos 3보천보전자악단1
2002Vol. 137: Hyon Song Wol's Solos 2보천보전자악단1
2003Vol. 149보천보전자악단1
2003Vol. 146보천보전자악단1
2003Vol. 147보천보전자악단1

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