Daved Hild

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
3-D CarneyHildKramer 2:49
Bank CarneyHildKramer 3:12
Bargains Night Bargains Kramer and Daved Hild 3:37
Barometer CarneyHildKramer 1:11
Blood Drinking Head Choppers CarneyHildKramer 9:27
Clown CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Clown CarneyHildKramer 3:35
Cold Air Kramer and Daved Hild 4:12
Dangerous Cult Following CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Disguise CarneyHildKramer 2:00
Distress in the Dixie Girls Kramer and Daved Hild 3:43
End CarneyHildKramer ?:??
End CarneyHildKramer 2:33
Hands CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Hands CarneyHildKramer 2:29
Infrared Asylum Green CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Javalena CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Javalena CarneyHildKramer 2:16
Larry CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Larry CarneyHildKramer 3:01
Lotto CarneyHildKramer 2:15
Masonic Hardware Kramer and Daved Hild 3:59
Move Daved Hild 2:16
Mr. Ryder on the Beach Kramer and Daved Hild 3:26
Name CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Name CarneyHildKramer 5:03
Nothing CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Nothing CarneyHildKramer 3:02
Photograph Kramer and Daved Hild 4:07
Rubber Hair Kramer and Daved Hild 3:54
Slowly CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Slowly CarneyHildKramer 2:33
Speaker Of The House CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Speed Shooting CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Sweetheart CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Tears Come Down CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Telephone CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Telephone CarneyHildKramer 1:27
Thanks For The Tinklers CarneyHildKramer ?:??
The Ballad Of Florida CarneyHildKramer ?:??
The Ballad Of Jim Jones CarneyHildKramer ?:??
The Ballad Of Soap CarneyHildKramer ?:??
The Ballad of Veal Kramer and Daved Hild 3:38
The Cat in the Window Kramer and Daved Hild 3:23
The Veronica Building Kramer and Daved Hild 2:46
These Foolish Things CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Tree CarneyHildKramer 1:36
Turkeyfaced CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Turkeyfaced CarneyHildKramer 1:59
Vegetables Do Kramer and Daved Hild 2:11
Wanda CarneyHildKramer ?:??
Wanda CarneyHildKramer 1:49
Wish CarneyHildKramer ?:??
X Is the Sign Kramer and Daved Hild 2:54

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