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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Careless Love acoustic guitar Penny Lang 4:09
Stubbs Stomp guitar [rhythm guitar] Paul Mills 2:25
Unexpected Nancy White
Aeroplane Melwood Cutlery 5:11
Another Morning J. P. Cormier 3:51
Awake Ye Drowsie Sleeper Terry Tufts 5:31
Ballad of the Moonlight Lady Melwood Cutlery 4:06
Ballerina in the Wings Nancy White 4:44
Ballerina in the Wings Nancy White 4:22
Barbie and the Bees Melwood Cutlery 4:02
Big City Melwood Cutlery 4:34
Black Velvet Elvis Terry Tufts 3:17
Blackbird J. P. Cormier 3:57
Charmante Sylvie / Pont de vie Matapat 3:00
Cocktail of Tears Nancy White 3:09
Cocktail of Tears Nancy White 3:21
Dakota Raio Suit Nancy White 3:35
Desaparecidos Nancy White 2:50
Dirty Little War Terry Tufts 4:26
Embracing the Addiction Terry Tufts 5:33
Every Dozen Years Nancy White 2:39
Florida Kitchenette Nancy White 3:39
Fly Away Terry Tufts 4:17
Footprints on My Floor Nancy White 3:13
Gilgarry's Glen J. P. Cormier 4:54
Gone J. P. Cormier 3:54
Hell Freezin' Over J. P. Cormier 3:46
Hey, Jerusha Terry Tufts 4:51
Highland Dream J. P. Cormier 4:52
I Got Work To Do Terry Tufts 3:18
I Know Cuba Like the Back of My Hand Nancy White 2:37
I Wonder Melwood Cutlery 5:08
Idyll Terry Tufts 3:26
Intro pour Sylvie Matapat 0:52
Jimmy's Room Melwood Cutlery 2:56
Kelly's Mountain J. P. Cormier 4:56
L'amuseur de filles / Sept huîtres et demie / Le ton Morin Matapat 4:21
La fille du geôlier Matapat 3:26
La jolie Rochelle Matapat 3:04
La Vendée / Brandy rose / Get up Sam Matapat 4:04
La vieille Galope Matapat 3:28
Last Lullaby Melwood Cutlery 4:49
Le champ de pois / Reel des cent larmes Matapat 3:01
Long for the Sea J. P. Cormier 5:26
Long Lonesome Road Melwood Cutlery 3:34
Loon on the Lake Melwood Cutlery 5:48
Makin' the Music Melwood Cutlery 3:00
Molly May J. P. Cormier 4:20
Moonlight Motel Melwood Cutlery 4:15
Mrs Linda Nancy White 3:04
Mrs Linda Nancy White 2:43
My Life is Over...Again J. P. Cormier 3:31
Nous Sommes Des Enfants Nancy White 2:55
Open Letter To the Earth Terry Tufts 4:20
Par un dimanche au soir Matapat 2:32
Petit fou et sa suite Matapat 3:06
Pursuant To My Nature Terry Tufts 3:34
Reel de la pêche au capelan / Reel St-Sauveur Matapat 3:41
Sire le roi Matapat 3:15
Slow And Easy Terry Tufts 5:20
Snow Angel Nancy White 3:28
Soupir de St-Albans Matapat 2:56
That Was You, This Was Me Terry Tufts 5:27
The Better Fight Terry Tufts 4:32
The Island J. P. Cormier 3:10
The Mathematician / Sleepy Maggie J. P. Cormier 2:48
Too Stoned Melwood Cutlery 5:34
Un p'tit soulier, Madame Matapat 2:10
Volver a Los 17 - To Be 17 Again Nancy White 3:11
Walkerton Melwood Cutlery 6:09
When the Time Comes Melwood Cutlery 4:11
When the Wino Nancy White 3:19
When the Wino Nancy White 3:41
You Saw Me J. P. Cormier 3:20
Between the Breaks… Live! associate Stan Rogers
Songs From the Lost and Found David Wiffen
Barrett's Privateers (live, 1979-04-19 – 1979-04-22: The Groaning Board, Toronto, ON, Canada) Stan Rogers 4:30
The Flowers of Bermuda (live, 1979-04: The Groaning Board, Toronto, ON, Canada)) Stan Rogers 3:47
The Mary Ellen Carter (live, 1979-04: The Groaning Board, Toronto, ON, Canada) Stan Rogers 5:05
Unexpected additional Nancy White