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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Party Pooper Busdriver ?:??
Party Rap Sucks Themselves feat. Busdriver 1:24
Pen's Oil Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 4:27
Picking Band Names Busdriver 4:06
Play Dead Busdriver 3:57
Pompous Posies! Your Party's No Fun Busdriver 3:10
Pool Drowning Busdriver 2:06
Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues Busdriver 10:02
Postcards From Purgatory Busdriver 2:03
Prepackaged Diss Song for Viacom Busdriver ?:??
Pretentious Friends Modeselektor feat. Busdriver DEOE81100111 3:34
PSA Metasota feat. Busdriver 3:19
Public Grope (It's So Squishy) Busdriver 3:14
Purple Schards Busdriver 2:01
Pursed Lips Reply Busdriver meets Daedelus 1:44
Quebec and Back Busdriver 4:07
Question Jam Answer Kool A.D. feat. Busdriver & Beans of Antipop Consortium 5:46
Quiet Now Busdriver meets Daedelus 4:46
R U WELL? zeroh ft. Busdriver 5:50
Raffle Ticket Blues Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 4:06
Random Freestyle at the CVshack Busdriver ?:??
Rap Sucks Busdriver 1:41
Reality Sandwich Busdriver 4:14
Red Oleanders Milo feat. Busdriver 6:19
Reheated Pop! Busdriver 3:00
Relay Abstract Rude feat. Abbey, Maya Jupiter, Just Brea, Pigeon John, Medusa, Busdriver & Olmeca 6:01
Retirement Ode Busdriver 3:20
Return of the Walking Dead The Returners feat. Busdriver ?:??
Running Water Busdriver ?:??
Scattered Ashes Busdriver 3:02
Scoliosis Jones Busdriver 2:37
Secret Skin Busdriver 3:28
Severed God Limbs Para One feat. Busdriver 3:55
Shadows and Victories Busdriver feat. Jeremiah Jae 3:51
Shave + A Haircut Busdriver feat. Dan 3:34
She-Hulk Dehorning the Illusionist Busdriver 2:51
Shock and Awe Omid feat. Busdriver 3:30
Show of Hands Busdriver ?:??
Single Cell Ego Busdriver 2:39
Skit Busdriver 0:26
Sleep Standing Up Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:29
Smart Buyer Busdriver ?:??
Smart Buyer Busdriver ?:??
Smart Buyer (instrumental) Busdriver ?:??
Snake Lake Remix Busdriver & milo 4:23
Somethingness Busdriver 6:08
Sorry, Fuckers Busdriver 3 2:44
Sorry. Fuckers Busdriver 3:04
Soul of a Child Busdriver meets Daedelus 4:38
Speak Up Busdriver 1:39
Species of Property Busdriver 3:26
Sphinx Coonery Busdriver feat. Mikash-9 & 2mex 4:44
Sphinx's Coonery Busdriver 4:43
Split Seconds (Between Nannies and Swamis) Busdriver 4:16
Split Seconds (Modseleftor remix) Busdriver 4:45
Staring at the Sun Busdriver 6:32
Stingy Lover Busdriver 0:45
Stride Pianist Penis Envy Busdriver 1:04
Stylin' Under Pressure Busdriver 2:20
Suing Sony Busdriver 2:46
Sun Shower Busdriver 4:08
Sun Shower (Cadence Weapon remix) Busdriver 5:16
Sun Shower (Cadence Weapon’s Raleigh remix) Busdriver 5:14
Sun Shower (edit club remix) Busdriver 4:54
Sun Shower (single version) Busdriver 3:43
Supply & Demand Busdriver 2:06
Surrounded by Millionaires Busdriver feat. Daveed Diggs 2:34
Swandive Into a Drinking Glass Busdriver 5:06
Swingers (Pool Man version) Busdriver meets Daedelus 2:36
Take This Step with Me and Never Come Back Busdriver 5:22
Take Two Copies Z‐Trip feat. Busdriver 4:25
Take Two Copies Z‐Trip feat. Busdriver 4:25
the Gus Haynes cribbage league Milo feat. Busdriver 5:50
The Serrated Blade of a Smile Busdriver 4:05
The Troglodyte Wins Busdriver 3:22
The Troglodyte Wins Busdriver 3:23
The Trolodyte Wins Busdriver 3:24
The Truth of Spontaneous Human Combustion Busdriver 4:39
They Don't Know Busdriver 4:15
They Wanna Rap Mum's The Word feat. Busdriver ?:??
Thick Enough Busdriver feat. Daedelus 4:34
Think Different Busdriver 4:53
Thirteenth Month Abstract Rude feat. Busdriver & Phoenix Orion 4:23
Thousand Words Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 7:00
Thus the Whirlygig Busdriver meets Daedelus 4:26
Tiof Sayag Jazz Machine feat. Busdriver 3:44
Too Underground Busdriver 4:40
Touch of Spring Busdriver meets Daedelus 2:11
Transitions and Eras Haiku d’Etat feat. Busdriver US2Q80400133 5:00
Two Feet in the Layered Cake Busdriver feat. Kool A.D. 5:33
Two Metal Birds Busdriver ?:??
Two Track Mind Nocando feat. Busdriver 4:34
Typecast Cavanaugh feat. P.O.S., Hemlock Ernst & Busdriver 4:20
Uncarved Stone Busdriver 3:45
Unemployed Black Astronaut Busdriver 4:00
Unemployed Black Astronaut Busdriver 3:59
Unemployed Black Astronaut Busdriver 4:00
Unemployed Black Astronaut (Nobody remix) Busdriver 4:38
Unemployed Black Astronaut (Nobody remix) Busdriver 4:38
Unibrow Busdriver feat. Free the Robots 3:35

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