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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Fire Hydrant Busdriver feat. Das Racist 4:45
Fishy Face Busdriver feat. John Dieterich 5:10
Fizzing Energy Drink Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 0:24
Flesh Glove Busdriver feat. Daedelus 3:02
Flow and Tell Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique feat. Awol One, 2Mex, & Busdriver 4:31
Frisbee Abstract Tribe Unique feat. Eyedea, Busdriver, LMNO, 2mex, Xololanxinxo, Rhettmatic & Slug 5:54
Germs That May Cause the Following Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:42
Get Like Me Eligh feat. Busdriver, Nietzsche & Open Mike Eagle 5:16
Get on the Bus Busdriver feat. Abstract Rude 4:04
Get on the Bus Busdriver feat. Abstract Rude 4:08
Glorified Hype Man Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 3:35
Glow Sticks Busdriver ?:??
Go Hard or Go Homogenous Busdriver feat. P.O.S 3:36
Go Slow Busdriver feat. Bianca Casady 3:06
Great Spooks of Enormous Strength Busdriver 3:27
Grind It Out Thirsty Fish feat. Busdriver ?:??
Gun Control Busdriver 3:11
Gypsy Shoe Radioinactive feat. Busdriver, Ellay Khule & Sunny Levine 4:48
Gypsy Shoe (clean) Radioinactive feat. Busdriver, Ellay Khule & Sunny Levine 4:48
Handfuls of Sky Busdriver 5:09
Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement) Busdriver 4:38
Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement) Busdriver 4:37
Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement) (Prefuse 73 remix) Busdriver 4:16
Happiness ('s Unit of Measurement) (Prefuse 73 remix) Busdriver 4:12
Happy Insider Busdriver feat. Nick Thorburn 3:30
Heatwave Busdriver feat. Otherwize 4:38
Here's to Us Busdriver 4:57
Hot Sand Busdriver ?:??
Hottentot Supercluster Busdriver feat. zeroh & Kaveh Rastegar 4:33
How Your Sprinkler System Work Busdriver feat. Del the Funky Homosapien 2:56
Hyperbolic 2 Busdriver 3:08
I Won't Dance Busdriver feat. Riddlore 3:47
I Won't Dance Busdriver feat. Riddlore 3:51
I've Always Known Busdriver 2:37
I've Always Known Busdriver 2:38
Idle Chatter Busdriver 3:38
Imaginary Places Busdriver 5 3:15
Imaginary Places Busdriver 3 1:37
Imaginary Places Busdriver ?:??
Imaginary Places (instrumental) Busdriver ?:??
Imaginary Places (vocal version) Busdriver ?:??
In Your Hands Daedelus feat. Busdriver & Mousey McGlynn 4:24
Intro Busdriver 1:13
Intro Busdriver 1:16
Intro Busdriver meets Daedelus 0:37
Intro Busdriver 1:17
Jazz Fingers Busdriver 4:34
Jazz Fingers (instrumental) Busdriver ?:??
Jazz Fingers (vocal version) Busdriver ?:??
Jazzy Girl (Freestyle) Mikah 9, Busdriver, Xholo Lanxinxo & Toca 1:50
Joyce 1 Busdriver 4:17
Just Not True Busdriver ?:??
Kev's Blistering Computer Tan and Driver's Rapper's Rapper Moniker Busdriver 3:53
Kill Your Employer (a cappella) Busdriver 3:37
Kill Your Employer (clean) Busdriver 3:51
Kill Your Employer (Daedelus remix) Busdriver 4:17
Kill Your Employer (instrumental) Busdriver 3:52
Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is the Sport of Now) Busdriver 3:50
Kill Your Employer (remix instrumental) Busdriver 4:13
king cookie faced (for her) Busdriver GBCFB1404107 ?:??
King Cookie Faced (for Her) Busdriver 4:06
Kiss Me Back to Life Busdriver 3:19
L.a. Czars Busdriver feat. 2Mex 3:33
L.A. Czars Busdriver feat. 2Mex 3:37
Language Barrier Busdriver feat. Fuot & Riddlore? 3:17
Latest Dance Craze TTC feat. Busdriver & Radioinactive BGCFB0401007 4:55
Least Favorite Rapper Busdriver feat. NoCanDo 3:24
Lefty's Lament Busdriver 3:42
Less Yes's, More No's Busdriver 4:21
Less Yes's, More No's (Thavius Beck remix) Busdriver 4:31
Life or Death Busdriver 3:20
Litterbug Busdriver 4:49
Live From Death Row Memory Man feat. Busdriver & MC Paul Barman 1:59
Look at What the Cat Did Dark Time Sunshine feat. Busdriver ?:??
Low Flying Winged Books Busdriver 4:56
Lyp Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Nietzsche Cortez & Promnite 5:14
Making Money Off God 2Mex feat. Busdriver 4:03
Man Baby Busdriver 2:49
Man Overboard Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal feat. Mikah 9 & Busdriver 3:28
Manchester milo, Nocando & Busdriver 5:28
Manchuria Busdriver feat. Myka 9 3:49
Map Your Psyche Busdriver 4:15
Me Time Busdriver 2:46
Me-Time (With the Pulmonary Palimpsest) Busdriver 2:37
Mindcrossings Busdriver 2:56
Mindcrossings (instrumental) Busdriver ?:??
Mindcrossings (vocal version) Busdriver ?:??
Ministry of the Torture Couch Busdriver feat. Hemlock Ernst 5:18
Miseducation of Lil' Indie Rap Guy Busdriver feat. Onry Osborne ?:??
Mix Two Curse ov Dialect / Busdriver feat. Abstract Rude / Bigg Jus / Aesop Rock / cLOUDDEAD / Thavius Beck / k-the-i??? / Villain Accelerate / Thavius Beck / Antimc feat. Saafir / Listener / The Opus / Pedro / Blue Sky Black Death feat. Mikah-9 / Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus / Neutrino / Eliot Lipp / Labtekwon / Head Like a Kite / iD and Sleeper / Jel / Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory / Omid / Boom Bip & Doseone / Radioinactive and Antimc / Qua 38:49
Most Likely Busdriver 4:27
Most Likely Busdriver 4:31
Motion Lines Busdriver 5:12
Mr. Mistakes (Bested by the Whisper Chasm) Busdriver 4:02
MUCH Busdriver 3:38
Mythic Proportions Busdriver feat. Ava 0:40
Nagging Nimbus Busdriver 2:31
Name Forgetter Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 5:01
Neva Bite the Hand That Serves You Busdriver 3:05
Neva Bite the Hand That Serves You Busdriver 3:09

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