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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
- - - - - Busdriver 2:36
(Bloody Paw on the) Kill Floor Busdriver 3:12
[silence] Busdriver 1:00
13th Month Abstract Rude, Busdriver & Phoenix Orion 4:25
140 Jabs Interlude Prefuse 73 feat. Milo & Busdriver 2:27
A Bottom Bitch Busdriver 3:54
AFC West 2Mex feat. Busdriver, Riddlore?, NgaFsh, Shaheed, Akim, Rifleman (Ellay Khule) & Wreccless 3:50
All Pastel Everything Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & milo 4:49
Along Came a Biter Busdriver 4:05
American Idle The Shapeshifters feat. 2Mex, Busdriver, Slug 5:49
American Idle Atmosphere feat. 2Mex, Busdriver, The Shape Shifters 5:49
Answering Machinist Busdriver feat. Jeremiah Jae 3:48
Anything Can Happen///GOODLIFE (skit) Busdriver 0:31
Aplomb Busdriver meets Daedelus 3:01
Argyle Sox (Hellfyre 5ever) Milo feat. Busdriver 2:37
Ass to Mouth Busdriver 5 3:28
Ass to Mouth Busdriver 3:28
Astro Boy Busdriver meets Daedelus 3:58
Avantcore Busdriver 2:24
Avantcore Busdriver 2:24
Avantcore (D-Styles remix) Busdriver 2:33
Avantcore (D-Styles remix) Busdriver 2:29
Barbs Over Breakfast Scones Busdriver 5 4:12
Bare in Mind Busdriver 3:42
Barely Music Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus feat. 2Mex, Awol One, Circus 9:06
be-grizzled_auteur_mythos take_3 Busdriver 1:26
Beats Way Sick Moderat feat. Busdriver 4:00
BeatsWaySick Moderat feat. Busdriver 4:23
BeatsWaySick Moderat feat. Busdriver 3:59
Beaus & Eros Busdriver 3:45
Beauty Supply and Demand Busdriver 2:04
Befriend the Friendless Friendster Busdriver 3:39
Bellies Full of Rain Antimc feat. Busdriver 2:56
Bending Lights Busdriver ?:??
Black Astronaut Busdriver 4:01
Black Labor (as understood by Equiano) Busdriver 3:15
Blank Space Busdriver 1:12
Blank Space Busdriver 1:16
Bliss Point Busdriver 3:35
Blowed Anthem Daddy Kev feat. Busdriver 3:46
Bon Bon Fire Busdriver 4:08
Bonus Cut! Busdriver 3:53
Bottom Bitch (OG version) Busdriver 3:56
Break Busdriver 4:41
Break Busdriver 0:12
Break for 2300 Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:26
Buy 1 Style Get 2nd Style Free Busdriver ?:??
Buy One Style, Get Second Style Free Busdriver feat. DJ Drez 4:08
Can’t You Tell I’m a Sociopath Busdriver feat. VerBS 3:10
Career Suicide for Dummies 2Mex feat. Busdriver 3:41
Carl Weathers Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 4:36
Casting Agents and Cowgirls Busdriver 3:17
Casting Agents and Cowgirls Busdriver ?:??
Cat Whiskers Daedelus vs. Mini Repertoire feat. Busdriver 3:16
Catering Truck From TJ Busdriver ?:??
Chisel Down MC Frontalot feat. Busdriver and John Roderick 2:26
Clean Break Busdriver 4:43
Close Your Eyes Latyrx feat. Busdriver 4:42
Colonize the Moon Busdriver feat. Pegasus Warning 9:49
Colour Wheel Busdriver 3:39
Colour Wheel Busdriver 3:45
Computer Cooties Busdriver 3:07
Computer Cooties Busdriver 4 3:41
Cool Band Buzz Busdriver 3:29
Coon Talk Busdriver 3:11
Cosmic Cleavage Busdriver feat. AWOL One 2:04
Countdown Busdriver feat. Ellay Khule 3:27
Crazy Crazy Aceyalone, Busdriver, Nocando & Subtitle 4:45
Crunk de Gaulle edIT feat. Busdriver, D-Styles & TTC 5:00
Crunk de Gaulle edIT feat. TTC & Busdriver 3:17
DASH William Thedford IV, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, VerBS & Great Dane 2:09
Death Threat Keaton & Hive feat. Busdriver 7:05
Death Threat Dub Keaton & Hive feat. Busdriver 7:04
Deer God Busdriver feat. Open Mike Eagle 3:32
Degrassi Picture Day (Hellfyre Jackets) Open Mike Eagle & Busdriver 4:16
Degrassi Picture Day (Hellfyre Jackets) Open Mike Eagle feat. Busdriver 4:26
Del's Couch Busdriver feat. Del the Funky Homosapien 1:50
Ding-a-ling-a-ring-a-ling Busdriver 4:02
DJ Furry Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus 2:50
Do the Wop Busdriver 3:02
Dream Catcher's Mitt Busdriver 3:43
Drive Safe Busdriver 3:53
Driver's Manual Busdriver 0:50
Driving Under the Influence Busdriver 2:53
Driving Under the Influence Busdriver 2:57
Duty Calls Busdriver 2:39
DvT Open Mike Eagle, VerBS, Nocando, KAIL, Busdriver & Rheteric Ramirez 6:15
Eat Rich Busdriver 3:09
Eat Rich Busdriver 3:09
Educated Guess Onry Ozzborn feat. Busdriver 3:16
Ego Death Busdriver feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown 6:00
Electric Blue Busdriver feat. Sierra Cassidy of CocoRosie, MikeLadd & Joëlle Lê of Greetings From Tuskan 4:31
Electricity Is on Our Side Busdriver 4:54
Elephant In The Pressroom Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Jeremiah Jae 3:11
Encyclopedia Wand Busdriver 2:53
Enlightenment Busdriver 3:56
Enter the Kaos Aceyalone, Busdriver, Longevity & Ngaphish 1:52
Ethereal Driftwood Busdriver 3:43
Everybody's Styling Busdriver 4:12
Everybody's Styling Busdriver 4:16

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